Our expertise in software development and system integration has been successfully applied to dozens of integration projects. We specialize in building scalable, user friendly and cloud based solutions.

Challenge for Association

Associations are increasingly adopting multiple software systems to obtain the best of breed for each focus area.

That means most associations use a multitude of IT systems – including a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), Event Management, and Abstract Management systems. Any time a new system is introduced, it’s important that the new system integrates and “talks to” other systems already in place.

Introducing fusionConnect

fusionConnect is our fully managed cloud based Integration Platform As A Service (IPaaS) offering. With existing connections to most of the popular systems that todays association uses, we can rapidly deploy scalable integration solutions.

With the challenge of integration multiple best of breed systems facing most associations, fusionSpan has come up with a service offering that not only provides a scalable integration solution, it also means absolutely no overhead on your IT staff.

Why fusionConnect?

fusionConnect is a completely cloud based Integration Platform that has been specially tailored for our association clients. It allows organizations of all sizes to get rid of data duplication and data silos, and integrate all their IT systems with our scalable platform. We have pre-configured connectors to most of the popular applications in our industry. And if we don’t already, we are in the process of creating them.

Using our enterprise grade platform, you can create integrations with an intuitive drag and drop interface. And using our powerful connector library, integrating systems is a breeze. If you don’t have resources in house, our professional services team is here to help

100+ Connectors

...and many more

Discovery Call

We want to learn more about you! This short call gives you time to let us know about your needs to see if fusionConnect is right for you.

fusionConnect Hub

Hub is a comprehensive offering for our enterprise customers. Its a fully customizable solution built on top of fusionConnect that serves four major use cases:

Business Intelligence Dashboards

The Data Hub is designed to populate a data lake, which aggregates all business relevant data. The data lake can act as a data storage redundancy, as a backup for API’s serving data to external systems, as well as serve up business intelligence dashboards, that can provide an overall view of the organization to stakeholders.