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Salesforce Accelerators to Empower your Organization

More than Implementations

“Bridging Gaps Through Technology” is not just a catchy tagline we use – these words drive our everyday work and innovation. While we help bridge the gap between organizations and their members, we also aim to provide our customers with the best user experience possible. As we routinely look for ways to stay ahead of the curve and respond to customer needs, we created the Association Power Pack (APP) and the Membership Power Pack (MPP), both Salesforce Accelerators to empower your organization.

The MPP and APP Salesforce Accelerators were created with one goal in mind: put more power and customization in the hands of the user. The MPP Accelerator, built for the Fonteva AMS platform, offers controls around how association members see, pay, and renew their memberships. The APP Accelerator provides associations with rosters, an Experient integration, and template builder on their current Salesforce platform. While they are two separate products, both are highly customizable and give you the power to edit your system.

Membership Power Pack

The MPP Accelerator acknowledges how busy trade and professional society members are by offering associations high levels of customization when it comes to the subscription renewal process. Built for Fonteva platform users, MPP customers may set up non-primary contacts to pay for membership, which means that any predetermined person can login and pay. This is particularly useful for situations where the membership account is held by an unavailable professional with a supporting assistant.

Association Members are not the only group that benefits. Association Administrators are able to define the following on an item instead of subscription level:

  • Who is allowed to see and renew the membership from the organization
  • When renewal can happen with ‘renew days before’ and ‘renew days after’
  • Terms and conditions, so members must accept terms and conditions before paying
  • Ability to customize 5 fields from sales orders and 5 fields from sales order lines for outstanding orders plus a “show more” option
  • Ability to add buttons to the component like “View Order” or “Visit Website”
  • No disruptions to the Fonteva payment workflow
  • No additional configuration after initial setup

Additionally, the MPP has been a fit for many users because members are connected to the original proforma invoice generated by Fonteva’s platform, instead of creating an extra renewal invoice. This reduces confusion and clutter with outstanding proforma invoices and also eliminates the need for follow-up by association staff.

Association Power Pack

Built with the Salesforce Lightning Experience in mind, the APP Accelerator is a powerful set of modular features. In contrast with the MPP, these features may be used by any Salesforce customer and are not limited to Fonteva platform users. The APP Accelerator saves time and effort for association staff, allowing you to easily bring in critical information into the association.

One of the strongest tools bundled into the APP Accelerator is roster management. The roster is a dynamically generated table, which enables associations to display any object in Salesforce to members and/or portal users using APIs. Offering a high level of customization, administrators can customize the following:

  • Who can view the roster
  • What fields are displayed
  • What fields are editable
  • If new records can be added
  • Custom text above or below the roster for instructions

Many of our users have found success using the roster feature for functions like:

  • employee/ affiliation management
  • conflict of interest application
  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) tracking

Using this accelerator has drastically cut down on customer support time and eliminates the need to contact fusionSpan for small edits to the system.

The APP also offers a complete end to end bi-directional integration with the Experient event management system. Not only does this offer a daily sync with your data, but it also allows you to define where that information goes in your database. This feature, along with the roster management, makes the APP Accelerator a must have product for your organization.

Schedule a Demo Today

Our Salesforce Accelerator Products are constantly updated and fully outfitted to meet our customer’s needs. We created these products for YOU- to allow association staff to customize their membership processes. Reach out for a demo to explore how the APP or MPP Salesforce Accelerators could be a fit for your organization today!

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Steve Brodt

Steve Brodt

Steve joined the fusionSpan team as a Salesforce Business Analyst in January 2020. Specializing in Customer Success and business agility, he serves as a solution crafter and project planner, among other as-needed roles. Outside of the office, Steve focuses on cultivating good conversation, being a worthy partner for his wife, and raising his son on mythology, archaeology, and gaming.
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