Who We Are

Leveraging technology to move your mission forward. We ensure your technology serves you, so you can serve your mission.

Our Story

fusionSpan’s story begins more than a decade ago. Working in the nonprofit sphere, it had become clear that small-staff associations were being chronically underserved. After all, they had the same needs their larger counterparts had — without the big-time budgets or resources.

In 2012, we hired our first employee. But while we were busy growing our team and client base, the industry was changing. Associations were leaving behind industry specific proprietary software to embrace public cloud based SaaS solutions that they could customize to better suit their needs. We were there to help them make that transition.

Since the beginning, we’ve been looking toward the future. It’s one of the things that sets us apart. Our Innovation Lab is constantly looking for the next new service or technology that our clients can benefit from. We don’t avoid moving forward just because we’re comfortable with the tools we have. Instead, we work to stay current and remain at the forefront of industry technology and services.

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Our Commitment To Diversity

A well-rounded, diverse, and balanced team allows for better perspective and gives us valuable insights. In fact, 50% of our leader and executive positions are held by women, and the majority of our consultants are women.

Our commitment to diversity doesn’t end there, though. We’ve made an effort to add team members with different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is to create a work environment where there are no barriers for our talented team members and we can celebrate how their unique perspective adds value to our team. Not only does it make fusionSpan stronger, it also allows us more opportunities to connect with our clients.

Our Clients

Before launching fusionSpan, we had spent our careers working in and with nonprofits. We knew their needs and understood their goals. That’s where fusionSpan began, and we still never tire of working with nonprofits and small associations. We value their missions and thrive on seeing our technology solutions help them succeed and achieve their goals.

Over the years, we’ve grown to serve large associations and businesses as well, learning their particular needs and providing them with valuable tech solutions. Large companies come with their own set of challenges and fusionSpan’s team has thrived on finding and employing the exact technical solutions our larger clients have been searching for.

We still serve clients we’ve been working with since fusionSpan’s inception. We’re mission-driven, just like our clients, and getting to see how our clients succeed and evolve is just as exciting and important to us as our own achievements.

“fusionSpan has been an invaluable partner to ULI. They brought the technical expertise to address our AMS development and integration needs, while their business knowledge of associations has ensured we are taking a strategic approach to technology. fusionSpan seamlessly integrated with our team and ultimately enabled us to meet our aggressive timelines. We would highly recommend fusionSpan and we look forward to continuing partnership with their organization.”


Adam Smolyar
Chief Marketing and Membership Officer

A Few of Our Awards

Our Culture of Caring

At fusionSpan, cultivating a culture of caring is a top priority. That’s because we know happy team members are motivated and invested, which creates the ideal environment for innovation and skill growth. Our commitment to nurturing our team is rooted in knowing that it will make fusionSpan stronger overall — and allow us to give our clients the best possible service.

Our culture of caring doesn’t begin and end with our team, though. We are fully aware how our clients give and nurture a culture of caring in their own organizations and communities. We are equally committed to building up our communities with our 1% pledge and Helping Hands initiative.

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culture of caring

Our Values

Our Values

Give back to those communities that have gotten us where we are today.

Our Values

Foster a culture of caring in all working relationships.

Our Values

Deliver seamless experiences and best-in-class solutions.

Our Values

Embrace change and strive for growth.

DEI Statement

At fusionSpan, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not just buzzwords, but core values that drive our success. We know that our team is stronger and more creative because of our differences – in who we are, where we come from, and what we’ve experienced.

We’re committed to being fair in everything we do and making sure everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. We’re always learning and working to fight against discrimination.

We want our company to be a place where everyone can be themselves and where all ideas are heard and appreciated. We know this is a journey and we’re excited to keep learning and growing to make fusionSpan a place where everyone feels they belong.

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