The Innovation Lab

Interested in learning more about how we stay on top of cutting-edge tech solutions for our clients? It all begins in the Innovation Lab where we explore and experiment with next-gen technologies.

The Innovation Lab

What Is the Innovation Lab?

The Innovation Lab is our research and development arena. Technology is constantly changing and we believe the new opportunities it presents should be leveraged to benefit our clients’ organizations. We identify forward-looking technologies and combine that with our experience working across different clients to determine which tools will help our clients achieve their business and technical needs.

We appreciate that our clients use their technology differently than we do in their day-to-day work. As a result, you may identify specific needs before we do. We look forward to hearing about these needs so we can work with you to explore, develop and finally bring that new technology to fruition. If you have a new idea for a tech solution, we’re ready to help you find it.

Developing within the Innovation Lab not only means we can provide our clients with sophisticated technologies other companies aren’t offering, but it also means we’re a step ahead in understanding how they work and what other technologies they might lead to. We research, develop, and fully test products that can be applied to any organization — products that will ultimately save our clients time and money.

Results From the Innovation Lab

fusionSpan is already working on the next stage in a technology’s evolution, while others are venturing into using and understanding it for the first time. You may already be familiar with some of the popular services we offer that came out of the Innovation Lab:



A fully managed integration platform that improves system functionality.

Why we developed fusionConnect

  • We developed fusionConnect because we saw clients struggling to share data across systems, causing poor data governance and poor business intelligence.. As we built integrations one by one for clients, we knew there was a better way to integrate systems.
  • We decided to build out a product which relies on loose coupling and an integration layer to exchange necessary communications between systems and components. This streamlines communications, improves system performance, and allows future changes and additions to the system to be easily implemented.
  • The end result is fusionConnect, our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) middleware product that currently serves our clients, ensuring that data can flow easily between systems without disruption, while also providing an architecture that allows for future scalability and stability.

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Salesforce Accelerators

  • We repeatedly saw clients struggling with the same customization needs. As we built out the same custom features, we realized there was a better approach that enabled us to build customizations once, and then apply them to clients who need them.
  • So, accelerators were born! These unmanaged packages can be purchased by clients during or after their Salesforce implementation to speed up the development process or enhance the product.
  • We currently have 8 of accelerators available and the suite is growing.

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Salesforce Accelerators
Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Browser-based testing that mimics end-user behavior and can give you insight into future issues or vulnerabilities in the system.

  • Digital portals are complex with dynamic elements, and in today’s organizations there are some systems — like Salesforce — where people can’t interact with all of the components. Automated testing allows even those components to be thoroughly tested, reducing the likelihood of errors taking place.
  • Testing is a major component of any technology project, taking internal staff hours, consultant hours, and a significant amount of money to ensure products are launched without bugs. This is especially true when testing across browsers, where the same scenario must be run up to 10 times in different desktop and mobile browsers to ensure success each time.
  • We now use automated testing for all of our projects, ensuring we are able to focus more on the build with less time spent on testing, saving clients both time and money. Not only does this reduce the amount of time spent on testing, it also ensures testing is more thorough.
  • Automated testing can be run 24/7 instead of just at the launch of a new product — which doesn’t always coincide with heavy-use times like during periods of member renewal, and may not accommodate other systems’ updates or newly implemented additions.

What We’re Working On Next !

You can catch glimpses into the future technologies we haven’t released yet during demos and conferences. Eager to know what new technology we’ll unveil next? Keep an eye on this space — most of our Innovation Lab technologies take about a year to incubate. Then they’ll be available directly to you as a service.

We’re currently working on building out Universal Search. If you’ve noticed you aren’t always getting the search results you’re expecting, this technology is what you’ve been waiting for. Many organizations rely on the best product available for each of their needs but sometimes these systems don’t communicate well with one another, especially when it comes to search. Global Search technology will remove those barriers and allow for comprehensive searches across all your systems and platforms.