Data & Integrations

Fully understanding your organization’s data through accurate analysis is a critical component of running a successful business. After all, great data allows you to:

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Track performance and assess where changes you’ve implemented have been harmful or helpful to your trajectory.

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Determine growth potential.

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Understand your users’ needs and goals for better insights and improved decision making.

At fusionSpan, we work directly with our clients to help them understand what data they need to capture — and which integrations can be used to keep that important information at their fingertips.

Data & Integrations

Using Your Data

Planning For The Future

Having data isn’t enough if you can’t easily access or aggregate it. Without the appropriate system in place, your organization could be missing out on important indicators and opportunities.

If you’re not getting as much out of your data as you could be, it likely comes down to one of these problems:

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Data is not properly or easily loaded into the system — complicated systems with multiple components can make this more likely, especially if your systems aren’t communicating well with one another.

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Insufficient or improper analysis of data in the system — data is only as good as the analysis you do with it, which is why fusionSpan turns to the cutting-edge Tableau platform for critical data analytics.

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An inability to understand or use complex information gleaned from data.

Your fusionSpan team can help you determine why your data hasn’t been working for you and what changes can be made to get the most out of the information you have.

With improved access to your data you can accurately visualize your business analytics, more fully understand where your organization is, and better plan for the future of your organization.

When To Evaluate Your Data Systems

If you haven’t checked in with your systems lately, it’s probably time. At fusionSpan, we recommend evaluating your data system annually as part of standard best practices – you may be surprised to learn that your system’s performance could be improved.

Your organization may be more likely to need a full evaluation of current data systems when:

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Your organization has seen tremendous growth — While growth is always cause for celebration, it changes what data you need to have access to and may indicate it’s time to embrace a more sophisticated and technical approach to data analysis.

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Your organization relies on a complex network of systems — Whether you’re adding new technology to keep your organization current or you’re dealing with specific restrictions that complicate your system needs, complex systems frequently need integrations to function at their best.

With a more efficient system in place for your data, scaling and managing information is easier and more effective, benefitting staff and your organization as a whole.

Harnessing Your Data With fusionSpan

Of course, just having the data isn’t enough to make it work for you. Having the right analytics tool can make all the difference when it comes to getting the information you need from the data you have. fusionSpan knows how important it is to use the correct tool for the job, which is why we use and recommend Tableau CRM and Tableau for data analytics.

Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM — previously known as Einstein Analytics, Tableau was relaunched by Salesforce in 2019. A top-of-the-line analytics platform that’s optimized for mobile use, it works with any data from any of your data sources to help your organization better understand critical information.

  • Already embedded in Salesforce CRM.
  • BI dashboards can be embedded into other Salesforce pages.
  • Capable of regressive and predictive analysis.
  • Provides lead scoring and recommendations.
  • Simple to set up and use, with a wizard-based approach.

Ideal for those who need their data integrated throughout Salesforce CRM, Tableau CRM gives you actionable steps to take and AI-driven insights to improve workflow and productivity.


Tableau — the most extensively used data visualization application, Tableau is an exceptional choice for an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution. With Tableau, your organization will have an end-to-end analytics platform that’s invaluable to any type of business.

  • Uses images, text, and visual objects to present comprehensive views of important business data.
  • Data from a variety of sources can be accessed and used in Tableau, making it ideal for the large, complex systems most enterprises use.
  • Access to live and in-memory data.
  • Easy collaborating and sharing for secure and guaranteed access to information that’s perfect for today’s hybrid workforce.

Invaluable for visualizing complex information that could be otherwise too difficult to present, share, or interpret, Tableau can change how you think about your data.

Start Using Your Data Today

Start Using Your Data Today

With the right systems and platforms in place, you can start using your data. But, only if your systems are properly communicating with one another. That’s where our integration services come into play.

At fusionSpan, we offer fusionConnect, a fully managed, cloud-based integration system that gives you an integration solution without the cost burden of additional staff.

As organizations acquire the tech they need to function, they create systems that involve many point-to-point integrations, which are hard to manage over time.This type of structure is inefficient, prone to error, and is difficult to add new components to. fusionConnect solves those problems by:

  • Relying on a loose coupling structure.
  • Using an integration layer to directly communicate with connected systems.
  • Implementing a structure that’s simple to add new technology to.

Using an integration system like fusionConnect can reduce project time when implementing new systems or making updates to the existing system. This style of architecture also provides scalability and stability while streamlining processes. Offered at an affordable price point with zero overhead, fusionConnect could be the key piece your organization has been missing.

Taking Your Organization to the Next Level?

Whether you’re looking just for Data and Integration help or you need a full implementation,
fusionSpan can give you the custom plan your organization needs to thrive.