Our Innovations

We’re all about streamlining processes and experiences for our clients. That’s why we take our knowledge of Salesforce and AMS to build-out technology innovations designed to solve recurring issues. We develop products that tackle commonly seen problems and create and implement custom solutions for our clients.

Our Innovation Lab is where we explore new technologies and build out these products.

Our Innovations


We’ve built fusionConnect to be a fully managed cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offering. fusionConnect provides scalable integration solutions, ensuring that your data can move freely between all your different systems, giving you easier access to the data you need.

fusionConnect integrates with over 200 different tools and systems to bring your data into one centralized location for simpler administration and management. You can do more with your data when it’s all in one location, ready to be turned into valuable insights for your organization.

Salesforce Accelerators 

When it comes to Salesforce, we’ve seen it all. So many times, in fact, that we’ve built products to solve the most common issues we have seen our clients face.

Salesforce Accelerators allow for expedited development of new functionality in the Salesforce ecosystem. All fusionSpan Accelerators are owned by the customer and can be custom configured to meet their unique needs while offering a fast and affordable development process.

fusionSpan Accelerators include:

  • Financial Period Closure
  • Lockbox/Payment Applicator Fonteva
  • Community Group/Chatter sync
  • My Downloads
  • Roster Views
  • Files and Folders for Community Groups
  • New User Registration
  • Membership Power Pack
Salesforce Accelerators

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