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Benefits Of Using A Log Management System

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By Jason Cookman |August 26, 2021

fusionSpan currently offers a multi-system software package called “fusionConnect,” marketed towards member-based organizations of all sizes. fusionConnect is a three-part software that allows the sharing of data within multi-system infrastructures. It includes Storage, Sync and Log Management.

Log Management is an important part of fusionConnect. If an organization has multiple applications running 24/7, syncing data accurately and having the process monitored via a log management system is crucial for operations. Loggly is the primary tool that fusionSpan uses for log management.

Loggly IconA log file is a computer generated data file that contains information about usage patterns, activities, and operations within an OS, application, server or another device.

How Loggly Works

Let’s say your organization leverages two separate platforms: a Membership System and an Email Marketing System. You have a data sync in place where a new member signs up, member data gets sent to your email system from the membership system. The issue you have is catching errors. There are times when sync errors occur, such as member address format is incorrect, record duplicates, record missing information and more.

Ideally, you’d like to catch errors as soon as they occur. Loggly is the solution you need to address this issue.

The way Loggly works is by tracking down logs scattered throughout different systems, and copying those same logs into its own storage within the cloud. With that data, Loggly generates dashboards and notifications for the user. An IT administrator can use Loggly to understand how much data each system is sharing, and how many errors are occurring in any given time.

Benefits of a Loggly-Based System

Two features that make Loggly shine is its ability to allow users to search for logs by keywords, and also allows users to build dashboards based on log data. For example, if you want to visualize how many member records were synced between Salesforce and WordPress, you can easily visualize the count of member records that were sent to WordPress, and then create a dashboard panel based on that count.

Loggly Can Connect To Any Log Source & Build Dashboards

Connecting Loggly to different systems is fairly easy. Infrastructures that Loggly supports are listed on its website. With a bit of tinkering, Loggly can connect to any log source or application. After the connection is set up, Loggly will automatically start collecting and indexing logs.

Easily Detect Anomalies & Get Notifications With Loggly

Within Loggly, users are able to set up a number of different monitoring criteria. If you hook up an eCommerce system with Loggly, Loggly will tell you how many orders were placed successfully, as well as how many order attempts failed.


You can also compare different system logs under the same timestamp to figure out what exactly went wrong at any given point in time. Users can configure the platform to send email notifications if the number of errors exceed a certain threshold.

Use Loggly To Search & Analyze Your Log Data

Loggly allows a drill-down of Log data, which allows the user to type in a keyword and easily search for all logs related to a specific category. Users can tag their data based on the filter, as well as store their search results for future usage. Hovering over the log events will provide tooltips on log metrics, allowing users to understand the data more thoroughly.

Loggly & fusionConnect

As mentioned, fusionSpan leverages Loggly as a core component of our fusionConnect solution. With every data sync or microservice it builds, a Loggly connection is put in place to closely monitor the sync or service. fusionConnect helps associations link their multiple systems together to ensure information is shared. Loggly ensures that those links are monitored 24/7 and notifies users whenever it detects any kind of failures.

fusionSpan assists associations with the setup of both fusionConnect and Loggly. Should associations already have a sync solution in place, they can still enroll the service of fusionSpan to actively monitor those solutions for them. This way, instead of worrying about infrastructure, associations can focus on the more important aspects of their business.

fusionConnect Diagram A Loggly-based solution benefits associations greatly by reducing the time it takes to identify issues within their IT infrastructure. With Loggly, users are able to see all their logs in one place, and there is no need to log into each individual solution or install proprietary agents.

Take Your Member Org To The Next Level Today

Loggly is an amazing monitoring tool offered as part of the fusionConnect software stack. Our developers at fusionSpan use Loggly daily to get updates on the solutions we’ve built for our clients.

Associations that are interested in fusionConnect can request fusionSpan to provide certain services with Loggly included! If you’re interested in building a highly responsive system, contact the fusionSpan team to learn about scalable solutions for your organization.

Jason Cookman
Benefits Of Using A Log Management System