Giving Initiatives

At fusionSpan, we know our success is built, in part, on the community and people around us. That’s why we participate in the 1% pledge and created the fusionSpan’s Helping Hand initiative — so we can give back to the communities we love and further the prosperity of our friends and neighbors.

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand
fusionSpan’s Helping Hand

Our 1% Pledge

As part of our commitment to our communities, we’ve taken the 1% pledge. This pledge allows us to support causes our team is passionate about. And, as part of our ongoing investment in the future of our industry and our goal to empower women in the field, we create scholarship funds to pay the tuition of qualified female students pursuing a STEM degree.

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand

Through the Helping Hands initiative, we’re able to improve living conditions for community members across the globe, provide desperately needed supplies for hospitals, and offer mentorship and educational opportunities to youth and entrepreneurs.

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand
Supporting STEM College Education at Montgomery College

We continue to invest in the future of our industry and strive to empower women in the field. Scholarship funds were donated to pay the tuition of qualified female students pursuing a STEM degree.

Funds raised: $10,000

Scholarship Recipients: 4

Aiding Children at Grace Girls Home in India

fusionSpan recently helped residents at Grace Girls Home in India to ensure that they had adequate supplies to thrive. We provided air coolers for much-needed relief from the scorching summer temperatures and food, clothing, and footwear. We also wanted to help the children expand their education, so fusionSpan established a brand-new computer lab complete with all the equipment needed for continued learning. Additionally, we also hosted a planting demonstration. We are happy that we were able to provide help, and excited for the future of Grace Girls Home!

Funds raised: $7439.02

Facilities helped: 9

People served: 100 +

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand
Supporting hospitals and healthcare providers in India 2022

The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged our communities and forever changed our hospitals. Healthcare providers and hospitals in Nagpur, India, continue to face incredible challenges when it comes to getting the medical supplies they need, the space they need to treat patients, and adequate staffing to keep patients and staff healthy. We fill supply requests from area hospitals whenever possible so our community can continue to heal.

Funds raised: $17,663

Facilities helped: 5

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand
Improving Quality life for elderly in Nursing homes 2022

Nursing home populations are undeniably vulnerable. With India’s prolonged summer temperatures soaring to 104℉ (40℃) by early March, the elderly in long-term care were suffering and in heat-related crisis. To improve their quality of life and protect this fragile population, fusionSpan is providing air coolers to nursing homes. These air coolers use a natural evaporation process to chill the air, which allows for cooler, safer living for this valuable population while still keeping electricity consumption rates low.

Funds raised: $27,700

Facilities helped: 6

People served: 350

Investing in Orphanage living conditions 2022

After receiving an urgent request for help, fusionSpan pledged to get involved with improving living conditions at the Rahul Balsadan Orphanage facility. This time, we were able to go beyond a financial contribution and also give our hours and skills to physically help with the renovations needed to provide the orphanage residences with safe living quarters. We’re thrilled we’ve had the opportunity to connect with these children and give them a positive life experience. We’re also looking forward to the future, when the fusionSpan team can connect (virtually) with the orphanage youth, provide them with support and mentorship, and watch them continue to flourish and achieve.

Funds Raised: $56,850

Total Hours Donated: 700

Facilities helped: 2

People served: 350

Supporting medical staff and facilities navigating covid-19 pandemic 2021

We provided sanitizers, desperately needed PPE kits, ventilators, syringes, testing kits, and air coolers during the greatest healthcare crisis we’ve known in our lifetimes. We know the real credit goes to the healthcare professionals serving their communities during this desperately dark time, but we were honored to be able to ease some of the burden they experienced and are proud of the contributions we made during this period of time, when supplies were notoriously difficult to source.

Funds Raised: $52,315

Facilities helped: 10

People served: 30,000 +

fusionSpan’s Helping Hand
Establishing a need-based STEM scholarship to ensure educational opportunity.

We know educational opportunities can make a world of a difference for those who have access to — and can take advantage of — them. fusionSpan is dedicated to helping those with a passion for STEM achieve their career goals. In a field that’s been traditionally dominated by men, fusionSpan is committed to providing these crucial educational opportunities for women. In 2021, we were able to partner with local Montgomery County Community College in Rockville, Maryland and provide funds for an in-need female student to pursue her education.

Funds Raised: $15,000

Students Served: 15