Salesforce NPSP Worked for this Nonprofit…

Project Goals

In this project, fusionSpan worked to update antiquated data systems with a new nonprofit Salesforce implementation.

This client had numerous separate platforms and systems in place, and important data couldn’t always be accessed when it was needed. As a result, duplicated and out-of-date data could be found and mistakenly used, making it challenging to accurately track important information and changes. To streamline data collection and access, fusionSpan worked to:

  • Implement Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • Integrate existing data into the new system
  • Determine a data management solution

Services We Provided

  • Data Management Consulting Services
  • Integration Services
  • Salesforce Implementation (Nonprofit Success Pack)
  • Data Governance
Project Challenges

Collecting, sorting, and organizing data was an integral part of the project — and one that included several data-related hurdles.

This Nonprofit Salesforce implementation wasn’t without its challenges. These challenges centered around data management and included:

Data Collection:

At the start of this project, the client did not have a consistent way of collecting or storing data. Ensuring all of the necessary data was accounted for, contained the most recent information, and was where it belonged was a time consuming but necessary part of this project.

Duplicate Data:

During the course of this project, it became obvious that important information could be found in multiple locations, but was not integrated with each other. As there wasn’t a protocol for how data was collected or stored, this could mean information was being accounted for more than once, or that the data being used was out of date. Making sure the data processed during this project was accurate and up-to-date was challenging and time-intensive.

No Existing Best Practices or Protocols:

Without guidelines for how to store and collect data, staff were creating their own ways of collecting, tracking, and saving data. With a large amount of variation from staff member to staff member, sorting through the many systems and different approaches to curating the data added time and complexity to the overall scope of the project.

Solutions and Outcomes

A new nonprofit Salesforce implementation streamlined systems, improved functionality and user experience, and provided a more effective ecommerce and events platform.

During this project, the fusionSpan team worked to build a more functional system, tackled complicated data structures, and created a digital solution geared toward this client’s very specific needs. Results of the project included:

  • Implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: This CRM implementation gave the client the right platform for their needs, allowing the client to:
    • Better manage contacts and encourage member engagement.
    • Accurately track donations, including the opportunity for analysis of repeat donors, and where different types of funds were coming from, i.e., donations, fundraising, grants, etc., for a more comprehensive and accurate business assessment.
    • Address ecommerce needs.
    • Enhance the event experience for members.
    • Improve both staff and user experience.
  • Successful data migration and integration: This project hinged on collecting current data and making it more usable. Organizing and curating the data, then making sure it had properly made its way to the new system was a main goal (and success!) of this project.
  • Improved access to data:access to data:Deduplicating existing data, identifying which data was up-to-date and needed to be kept, and creating a consistent approach to storing data allows critical data to be accessed whenever it’s needed. Using a single platform also means the same data is found in every location, reducing the possibility of error and making the system easier for staff to use.
  • An integrated platform that better suits the client’s needs:The NPSP implementation gave access to critical tools a nonprofit needs to manage and understand where funds are coming from. Not only does NPSP provide a more efficient ecommerce platform that gives users a better experience, it also enables the client to more accurately understand which fundraising efforts are most effective and gives valuable insights to planning for growth. Now tied into the same platform used for events, information is also easier to share from area to area, which means data is more easily tracked across systems, and the likelihood of running into problems related to out-dated and duplicated data is greatly reduced.
  • A plan for data management in the future:It was important to the client, and to fusionSpan, to ensure the problems surrounding data collection and management were addressed at their source. With fusionSpan serving as a consultant, best practices and guidelines were created to make sure clean, easy-to-use data is readily available now, and into the future.

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