Salesforce Managed Services

Our Managed Services team provides support and maintenance for our clients leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem, Fonteva, or Nimble AMS, marketing automation tools and also provide website hosting and management. As each client’s needs are different, our Managed Services vary greatly and include:

Post-Implementation and ad hoc support

Staff augmentation with specific technical expertise

Strategic oversight to future-proof your technology assets

We are able to work with any app or module attached to the Salesforce platform — even if it’s one we don’t offer at fusionSpan or if your system originated outside of fusionSpan.

Salesforce Managed Services
Upgrades & Roadmapping

Managed Services can bring your technology to current standards and help you create the strategy you need to meet your business’ technological goals.

Health Checks

Ensuring your Salesforce platform is properly secure is crucial to keeping your system healthy and important data protected.

Feature Enhancements

Make the most of the technology you use with the help of the Managed Services team you can have improved functionality and a more customized experience that fills all of your organization’s needs.

Bug Fixes

It’s frustrating when technology isn’t working properly. Your Managed Services team can pinpoint where and why the issue is happening — and then correct it.

Vendor Liaison

No need to struggle to communicate the problems you’ve been experiencing or take time out of your busy schedule to deal with a help desk when you have a Managed Services team that will handle it for you.

Support Portal

Our Support Portal makes it easy to manage your tickets and get the answers you need to the problems you’re experiencing.

Interested In How Our Managed Services Team Can Help You?

The fusionSpan Managed Services Experience

The fusionSpan Managed Services Experience

To make our clients’ experience with Salesforce better we:

  • Bring valuable technological expertise with Salesforce and evolving technology you may not have access to in-house
  • Leverage our experience we’ve had on other projects with our clients to ensure we’re not wasting your time or money
  • Thoroughly manage each of the three updates Salesforce pushes annually and provide our clients with highlights of the most important changes
  • Provide concierge project management services so you always know who will answer the phone and guide your issue to resolution

With fusionSpan, you can expect an involved and invested partner in maintaining your technology and keeping your platforms functioning at their best. Our wealth of experience and the breadth of client projects has brought with it not only expertise, but a true appreciation for our clients.

Your Customer Success Team

Your Customer Success Team

We see ourselves as your trusted technology partner, providing you with new ideas and tools to think about as you consider your future tech suit. We hold complimentary Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings to gather feedback on how we can better serve you and provide you with a broader context for your technology needs, including sharing what other organizations are doing and what new technologies are on the horizon.

Post-Implementation Support

If you’re moving forward with Managed Services Post-Implementation, we make your transition seamless. Your Managed Services team is brought into the project before it launches, ensuring that they are up to speed on every detail of your implementation. As your project moves into the “Go Live” window and beyond, your Managed Services team is by your side.

Post-Implementation Support
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Out-sourcing support to an experienced team allows you to get the expertise you need when you need it. Our qualified team members will help you successfully navigate your issues, complete upgrades, health checks, and strategically plan for your technologies future.

Why Choose
fusionSpan ?

fusionSpan Is More Than A Tech Company Providing Clients With Basic Support. When You Partner With fusionSpan For Managed Services, You Can Expect:

Expert guidance from our Solution Architects
Having the right technology in play can make all the difference for your organization. fusionSpan’s experienced Solution Architects can help you assess your needs and determine exactly what you need.

Solution to your technology support needs.
Technology can be expensive. Partnering with fusionSpan to handle your Managed Services needs, you can continue to grow and enhance your software without growing your own team in house.

Never miss new technology
With the Managed Services team by your side, you’ll know exactly what new tech is on the horizon, how it might benefit your organization, and whether or not it’s something you want to try.

Dedicated team members that know your business needs and history
At fusionSpan, a single PM is assigned to you, so you know exactly who to go to for any issues. With our Managed Services team, you’re not just a ticket in a system — you’re our partner with a person who will pick up the phone and get your technology needs back on track.

Ready to move your organization forward?

Contact fusionSpan to get started with our Managed Services.