Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce’s wealth of products and technologies provide a user-friendly system with countless capabilities. However, it can be difficult to utilize such software when your list of responsibilities is ever-growing!

fusionSpan’s Salesforce Managed Services provides expert support and maintenance to organizations leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem, Fonteva, Nimble AMS, or other marketing automation tools, in addition to website hosting and management. The result is the ability to maximize the value you get from your Salesforce investment, meaning you can concentrate on innovation and creativity.

Each client’s needs are different, so our Salesforce Managed Services vary to accommodate the support that will provide the most value. This may include:

Post Salesforce Implementation and ad hoc support

Staff augmentation with specific technical expertise

Strategic oversight to future proof your technology assets

Salesforce Managed Services

Turbocharge your software and get maximum value from
Salesforce with Managed Services.

What’s included with Salesforce Managed Services from fusionSpan?


Upgrades & Roadmapping

Elevate your technology to new standards, and craft a winning strategy tailored to your business’ technological goals. fusionSpan’s Salesforce Managed Services offer workshops, process reviews, and more to ensure you’re utilizing Salesforce’s complete functionalities.

Health Checks

Keep your Salesforce platform secure and maintain healthy data that’s always protected, and trust that your setup is thoroughly documented and reviewed. Confidently embrace the full potential of Salesforce, knowing your data and operations are safe and secure.



Move forward confidently, with an implementation plan that has been tailored to your needs. With research into your business needs, current successes, and current problems, technology will be hand-selected based on your organizational needs.


Receive tailored technology that’s undergone comprehensive testing pre-launch, followed by staff training to ensure the capabilities of your new system are understood and create a genuinely improved process for your organization.

Going live and post-implementation support

Receive  ongoing communication throughout your Salesforce implementation from your dedicated Project Manager, who will relay important information about the collaborative process of your implementation to ensure it runs smoothly. Once live, benefit from fusionSpan’s Concierge Service, offering a seamless transition to your Managed Services team.

Salesforce accelerators

Custom features, developed by fusionSpan’s Innovation Lab, that you can add to your Salesforce implementation to amplify and enhance your product. These speed up the development of common customizations our customers ask for, helping us find your solution faster, cheaper, and with less risk since each accelerator is pre-built and pre-tested.

Customization & integration

Feature Enhancements

Empower your organization and unlock the true potential of your Salesforce platform. Leverage the expertise of our Salesforce Managed Services team for improved functionality and a customized experience tailored to your needs.

Data review and mapping

Consolidate your data, prevent unnecessary taxing of production systems, and secure your data process at scale with the support of a data review and migration.We’ll consolidate your data, (including from multiple sources), map the data for optimal performance, and transfer it into your new system.

Support and Evolution

Support Portal

Manage your tickets and find swift solutions to your problems with the fusionSpan Support Portal. It’s your one-stop destination to get answers at your fingertips, meaning your problems and inquiries are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Vendor Liaison

Tend to your busy schedule and leave communication struggles behind with the help of a reliable Managed Services team. We’ll handle your challenges and conversations, ensuring smooth operations that eliminate disruption.

Bug Fixes

Frustrations with technical issues are of the past! Ensure your technology works seamlessly and efficiently through the help of a Managed Services team; we’ll pinpoint and solve your problems, allowing you to focus on your goals without interruption.

The Benefits a Salesforce Managed Service will bring to your business

The fusionSpan Managed Services Experience

Expect an involved and invested partner, who will maintain your technology and ensure your Salesforce platform is functioning as its best.

With a wealth of experience and breadth of client projects, your Salesforce Managed Services team will bring expertize that means you:

  • Grow and enhance your software and get access to valuable and technological Salesforce prowess you may not have access to in-house
  • Stop wasting time and money on finding your solutions, and get answers informed by expertise and first-hand experience
  • Understand core updates and the changes brought by Salesforce’s three annual updates, each of which will be run and overseen by your Managed Services team
  • Know who will answer the phone and guide your issue to resolution with your own PM and the support of our Concierge Project Management services
Your Customer Success Team

Your Customer Success Team

As your trusted Salesforce Managed Services partner, we’ll recommend new ideas and tools for your tech suite, including how other organzations are leveraging success, and the technologies on the horizon. We also hold complimentary Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings to understand how to support you and tend to your broader technology needs.

Post-Implementation Support

Make your transition seamless by moving forward post-Salesforce Implementation with Salesforce Managed Services. Being on board your project before it launches, your team will know every detail of your implementation to provide continued support as your project is put live.

Post-Implementation Support
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Receive expert support at the touch of a button from your experienced Salesforce Managed Services Team. We’ll navigate your issues to success, complete upgrades, health checks, and form a strategy to optimize the success of your Salesforce technology’s future.

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