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Automated Journey Tips & Tricks
AutomationMarketingMarketing Automation

Automated Journeys are a key capability of marketing automation tools for associations. These journeys can be thought of as a detailed map showing...

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Rethinking Marketing Automation And Your Membership Lifecycle
Marketing AutomationMembership

Many association professionals are undoubtedly aware of the membership life cycle of Awareness, Recruitment, Engagement, Renewal, and Reinstatement....

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Audit Your Marketing Presence Before Implementing a New System
Digital StrategyMarketing

A few months ago I discussed how to evaluate your current marketing tool to determine if it fits the association’s current and future needs. If the...

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Elevate Your Marketing Game With Transactional Emails
MarketingMarketing Automation

Managing email communication with your association’s members includes more than the marketing emails that are sent to advertise events or share...

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Managing Email Preferences – Lessons Learned
Best PracticesMarketing

Last month I celebrated my one-year anniversary at fusionSpan as a Digital Strategy Business Analyst, which resulted in a plethora of celebratory...

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Importance of Support Services After a Marketing Platform Implementation
CMSMarketing Automation

Sending the first email on your association’s new email marketing platform can be exciting and probably a bit nerve-wracking. Over the past few...

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Best Practices for Your Marketing Tool Spring Cleanup
Best PracticesDigital Strategy

In many marketing systems that fusionSpan audits, there are a number of outdated lists, old email drafts, and unorganized email content. Some of this...

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Up Your Marketing Game by Evaluating Your Current Marketing Tool
Digital StrategyHow To

If anyone else were to enter your marketing platform, what would they find? Would they be shocked by the vast number of membership lists that are...

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New Chrome Browser Will Affect Website Tracking and Marketing Efforts
How ToMarketing

On February 4, 2020, Google Chrome is changing the security around the use of third-party cookies. First of all, what are third-party cookies? A...

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TABS Views fusionSpan as a Partner, Not a Vendor

The Problem: Boarding schools in North America have experienced a continuous, 15-year decline in their primary enrollment categories. To combat that...

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