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Employee Spotlight – Marlene Sebastian
By Savannah Chamberlain | January 30, 2023Employee Spotlight

Marlene Sebastian Senior Trainer Marlene is from Windsor, Ontario, and has seven years of experience in the Learning & Development (L&D) field and has worked in both academia and the service sector. She specializes in adult learning, software training, and instructional design. Columbia. She enjoys…

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Business and technology
Being Digital-First
By Rhoni Rakos | May 23, 2022Best PracticesConsultingTech Talk

Most modern business leaders are still underutilizing the power of technology in today’s digital world. But, in reality, being digitally first does not imply having all of the software tools available; rather, it entails having the proper ones. Technology is essential, but it’s only a…

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10 Important Features of Tableau
By Manav Kher | March 30, 2022Best PracticesBIdata

Businesses deal with a lot of data, and analyzing it in its raw form is frequently difficult. The quality and accuracy of the datasets you’re working with increase when you present them in attractive graphs, charts, shapes, and plots. Tableau is the most extensively used…

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Employee Spotlight – Lynette Raudner
By Savannah Chamberlain | March 29, 2022Employee Spotlight

Lynette Raudner Director of Training, Delivery Team Lynette Krishnabhakti Raudner is a passionate technology trainer, instructional designer, and training manager. She joins fusionSpan with 12 years of experience in the technology training industry, having worked in corporate consulting, law firms, and tech startups. When not…

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What is Tableau CRM?
By Manav Kher | March 15, 2022BICRMSalesforce

What is Tableau CRM and why you should look at Tableau CRM if you use Salesforce? Salesforce launched an integrated business intelligence solution with Einstein analytics in 2016. Subsequently Salesforce purchased the BI market leader when they acquired Tableau in 2019. That has lead to…

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Employee Spotlight: Julio Lozano
By Savannah Chamberlain | February 24, 2022Employee Spotlight

Julio Lozano Senior Software Engineer People are really nice here at fusionSpan. They're always eager to help and everyone is very supportive. I love how all the team members here are really open and inclusive. I feel like I know everyone here, even though we…

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Employee Spotlight: Alexander Lord
By Noah King | November 30, 2021Employee Spotlight

Alexander Lord Senior Consultant, Delivery The company is only as good as its people and fusionSpan has some AMAZING people. Definitely the most talented and competent crew I’ve ever worked with. And that’s easily what I’ve enjoyed the most. Once a month, fusionSpan will share…

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How To Enable MFA For Your Salesforce Org
By Amine Zerrouki and Manav Kher | November 2, 2021How-TosSalesforce

Beginning February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require customers to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in order to access Salesforce products. In our opinion, this is a good move by Salesforce. We always recommend our clients to enable MFA on any and all of their IT systems…

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Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Ashe
By Noah King | October 28, 2021Employee Spotlight

Chelsea Ashe Project Manager, Delivery Everyone here has some kind of unique knowledge set and they are always eager to help if you are having an issue. I enjoy working with motivated teammates with a passion for problem solving! Once a month, fusionSpan will share…

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Employee Spotlight: Aoife Cashin
By Noah King | September 22, 2021Employee Spotlight

Aoife Cashin Senior Business Analyst The highlight of my day is always being able to present a functionality to our customers that is going to improve their day-to-day operations! Once a month, fusionSpan will share the talent and hard work of the people that we…

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Sanket Khare
Employee Spotlight: Sanket Khare
By Noah King | August 24, 2021Employee Spotlight

Sanket Khare Web Technologies Manager I feel as if putting one's thinking into a machine and making things easier and better for mankind is one of the boons that technological advancement has given us Once a month, fusionSpan will share the talent and hard work…

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Automated Journey Tips & Tricks
By Susan Baumbach | August 5, 2021Best PracticesConsultingTech Talk

Automated Journeys are a key capability of marketing automation tools for associations. These journeys can be thought of as a detailed map showing the experience a customer or member will have with your organization. One of the primary reasons for moving to a new tool…

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How To Prevent Carding At Your Organization
By Sanket Khare | July 22, 2021Best PracticesHow-Tos

As an Association or nonprofit, you likely rely heavily upon your members paying by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover for membership dues, certifications, event registration, and more. Now, imagine what would happen to your organization if you couldn’t accept credit card payments for any period…

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Employee Spotlight: Haoyue Zhang
By Noah King | February 25, 2021Employee Spotlight

Haoyue Zhang fusionSpan Data Analyst The technology industry is improving the way we live and work which makes me feel excited and satisfied. Once a month, fusionSpan will share the talent and hard work of the people that we call our team. From delivery, consulting,…

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Building Pipelines with Tibco Cloud Integration
By Alan Luo | February 11, 2021ETLIntegrationsScribe

TIBCO Cloud Integration, formerly known as TIBCO Scribe Online, is a cloud-based data integration tool that helps businesses sync data between two existing applications. TIBCO Cloud Integration has a wide variety of connectors, allowing it to extract data from HubSpot, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Amazon Redshift,…

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Employee Spotlight: Dan FitzGerald
By Noah King | January 29, 2021Employee Spotlight

Dan FitzGerald fusionSpan Software Engineer I think my favorite part of work might be that we get to work with so many different technologies. From all of the Salesforce related technologies (Visualforce, Apex, SOQL, Javascript) to the DevOps tools we use to backup and deploy…

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Employee Spotlight: Rachel Sigler
By Noah King | December 3, 2020Employee Spotlight

Rachel Sigler Project Manager for fusionSpan’s Professional Services department. What I enjoy most about my current position is just helping clients and seeing the difference we make for them - it doesn't have to be the biggest project to make an impact Once a month,…

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Affordable VPN Options For Your Remote Staff
By Manav Kher | May 13, 2020AMSCloudVPN

As many organizations are striving to make teleworking as normal as possible, there is a large focus on the implementation of new tools and software. Most team members are fully remote and on their own wireless network, making a VPN a must-have. What is VPN?…

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fusionSpan at #ASAETech18
By Justin Burniske | December 14, 2018fusionspan

fusionSpan kicked off last week at the Annual ASAE Technology Conference. As our team has continued to grow we have looked for more ways to engage and give back to the association community, and ASAE Tech is a great example. Not only did we have…

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Communication Tips for Millennials in the Workplace
By Justin Burniske | September 13, 2018fusionspan

First, let me point out that I am a millennial. Second, these tips don’t only apply to millennials. Technology tools overwhelm the workplace, but no one discusses how to actually use the tools. I’m not even talking about the more complex CRM or ERP tools,…

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fusionSpan’s experience at Xperience18!
By Justin Burniske | May 17, 2018Associationfusionspantechnology

Last week fusionSpan was at Community Brand‘s User Conference – Xperience18! Five days packed with lots of learning, sharing and connecting. Here are a few highlights! fusionSpan was networking We had a booth. Community Brands has compiled quite a cornucopia of products, which in turn meant…

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Delayed Gratification and your CRM
By Justin Burniske | February 22, 2018AMSAssociationCRM

“Did I lose my special treat?” A frequent question from my son. We’ve created a system in our home where if he behaves, he gets a “special treat” after dinner – usually in the form of 22 minutes of TV. While there are some issues…

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Site Navigation for Dummies
By Manav Kher | February 13, 2018CMSfusionspanwebsite

As a web design company, one of the first things we’ve had to tackle is the website navigation (also called the site information architecture or Sitemap). The site navigation often drives the entire website project and its content, so it is important to determine the…

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AMSFest – Up close with an AMS
By Justin Burniske | September 22, 2016AMSAMSFestAssociation

fusionSpan was at AMSFest, put on by Teri Carden, founder of ReviewMyAMS.com. It’s an intimate event where association professionals can get an up-close look at a bunch of different AMS (association management systems) vendors all in one place. They also can talk with industry partners…

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