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One Search To Rule Them All – An Introduction To Global Search
fusionSpanInnovation LabTech Talk

Most organizations today deploy a “best-of-breed” infrastructure, meaning that they use the best software that solves a specific business problem...

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Benefits Of Using A Log Management System For Your Association
AssociationInnovation LabIntegrationsTechnology

fusionSpan currently offers a multi-system software package called “fusionConnect," marketed towards member-based organizations of all sizes....

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Building Pipelines with Tibco Cloud Integration
Business IntelligencefusionSpanInnovation LabIntegrations

TIBCO Cloud Integration, formerly known as TIBCO Scribe Online, is a cloud-based data integration tool that helps businesses sync data between two...

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Improve Your Association’s Customer Service With Salesforce Einstein Bots
Business IntelligenceCustomer SuccessfusionSpanInnovation LabSalesforceTech TalkUser ExperienceWebsite

An Einstein Bot is a chatbot that utilizes the Salesforce CRM. To start, chatbots simulate human conversation, generally through text in a chat...

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Use Automated Testing for your Assoiation’s Website
AutomationBest PracticesfusionSpanInnovation Lab

Your staff just went through an intensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process, and the shiny new website looks and performs as expected. You give...

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Superset – An Open Source Dashboard Builder
fusionSpanInnovation Lab

Superset is an open source BI tool that is used for building dashboards. It can connect to a variety of data sources, such as relational database...

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Your next implementation should be a Single Sign On System
AssociationBest PracticesInnovation LabIntegrationsTech Talk

Single Sign On (SSO) is a user authentication mechanism that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access...

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Making the Case for a Business Hub for your Association (Part 1)
fusionConnectInnovation LabIntegrationsTechnology

Learn how to create scalable and sustainable integrations between your association’s many systems through the implementation of a business hub.

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Business Hub with Open Source software (Part 2)
AssociationDevelopmentfusionConnectInnovation LabIntegrationsTechnology

In the previous blog we made the case for a business hub for your association. In this blog we will go over implementing the hub with free open...

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