Salesforce for associations

There’s nothing worse for your association than having an unmanageable, unusable, and inefficient system. If your data is unorganized and difficult to extract, your platform is uncustomized, and data isn’t segmented, you’re in need of a fix.

Implementing Salesforce is only half of the solution. Whilst a flexible, customized, and integrated platform removes the hassle of duplicate data entry and inconsistent data  management, streamlining your processes doesn’t happen at the simple click of a button. Not only will fusionSpan provide expert advice on the processes, software, and apps you should leverage, but we’ll audit your current process, roadmap your implementation, and oversee and manage the process, bringing you over the line with a complete system that your team is trained on how to use.

What’s the result? A central system that tracks data, builds a community of members, collects payments, manages events, automates your process, and reports on your efforts.

How Salesforce will benefit your associations

With the help of fusionSpan, create an intuitive Salesforce platform, powered by hand-picked software that streamlines your operations and builds a trustworthy foundation for your association’s management system.

Within Salesforce, your AMS is the primary technology your association or member organization will use to engage and serve your members and customers. It holds the data that helps you maximize retention and demonstrate value through personalized communication and member benefits. When implemented with the expertise and support of fusionSpan, your AMS will provide:

Customizable software and straightforward functionality

We’ll sculpt Salesforce to support your processes and unique needs by customizing your software and implementing Salesforce clouds and integrations. As a result, you can offer personalized experiences that nurture new customers and maintain current member relationships. Plus, work with fusionSpan to build custom integrations and software that fuel your Salesforce platform further, and can be adapted in line with your changing needs.

Build your community

Build your brand and offer support to those engaged with your association using your community portal and knowledge base. With useful resources and content, curate a platform where customers and members can interact among themselves and with your organization. Leverage fusionSpan to take this one step further and simplify your processes of events registration, payment collection, and self-service.

Powerful reporting on accurate data

Grow your association with secure and accurate data, collected through streamlined systems and get recommendations from fusionSpan on how to customize your reports and dashboards to analyze and track your data.

  • Reports – track KPIs and analyze metrics to reveal trends, and accurately forecast and better understand your data
  • Dashboards – create a cohesive understanding of data among your association with shareable and team-specific views of reports
Personalized content and communications

Get strategic and UX training on how to maximize engagement with your association by personalizing your outputs. We’ll also help create custom branded email templates and personalize your content so it sings to your prospects’ and clients’ needs, answering questions in ways that showcase your expertise.

Segmented and personalized content is informed by accurate data. Leveraging fusionSpan to build a trustworthy central system in Salesforce means your association will have utmost confidence in your member data.

Add-ons with AppExchange

In our capacity as your trusted Salesforce partner, fusionSpan will extend its expertise by offering tailored recommendations, actively guiding you through the selection process, and executing seamless implementations of the necessary tools and software to empower your association. Our approach involves meticulous curation of a custom technology stack, carefully handpicked from an extensive catalog comprising over 2700 applications.

Empower efforts with automation

Accelerate your processes and boost efficiency using automation for sales, marketing, service, and commerce clouds. With fusionSpan, create better reporting, increase customer satisfaction, personalize campaigns, and create seamless experiences for both your association’s team and customers with the support of automation. We’ll discuss your current process, map your desired outcome, and help implement this new process with Salesforce workflow rules.

Smooth and reliable updates

Trust that platform updates won’t break your custom system, and stay in-the-know with the support of your fusionSpan team, who will guide you through new software and prepare you ahead of time for key changes. We’ll consult you on how new updates could benefit your organization, prepare and audit your system, and ensure that your processes are left running smoothly.

How fusionSpan will maximize Salesforce for your association

fusionSpan is a trusted partner of Salesforce, Fonteva, and Nimble AMS, specializing in strategic consulting, implementation and integrations, and Salesforce managed services.

Whether you’re leveraging a combination of Salesforce clouds, just nonprofit cloud, or Fonteva, your association will be supported by a team of dedicated, certified experts that understand how to help your association or member organization thrive with Salesforce.

Salesforce CRM and AMS implementation

fusionSpan will take you from start to finish of your AMS implementation, and offer ongoing support post-completion – there’s always more to do!

Understanding your organization’s digital strategy, we’ll recommend your AMS, hand-pick technology, and integrate the clouds and apps necessary to customize your Salesforce platform and tailor software to your association’s needs.

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Curate your customized roadmap

With your association’s goals and pain points identified, fusionSpan will identify the technology you need, and create a plan to empower your growth with Salesforce. We’ll also pinpoint quick wins and long-term goals, reporting back to your association with technical and strategic recommendations.

Support and maintenance

fusionSpan’s Managed Services team provides ongoing support and maintenance for associations leveraging Salesforce, Fonteva, and Nimble AMS. Get post-implementation support, on-call expertize, and strategic oversight on your software.

Salesforce and Fonteva training

fusionSpan offers quarterly open training sessions, as well as client-tailored and custom training to support your association’s team in using your technology and generating new processes.

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Salesforce Fonteva accelerators

fusionSpan has its own host of Salesforce accelerator tools, designed and implemented by fusionSpan to enhance your system, fuel your association, and improve user experience.


Ensure your AMS shares its data with your other applications in real time to maintain peak functionality and performance as your association grows. We’ll ensure that the building, maintenance, and monitoring of your integrations are kept under control for a reliable and consistent flow of data across your systems.

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Never miss an update

Get the benefits of new software without the worry of how to implement and use it. fusionSpan will ensure your association is prepared for Salesforce’s quarterly updates ahead of time, offering training, and meaning you can rely on your system through periods of change, and always know what’s on the horizon.

Get strategic consulting

Whether you’re happy with your Salesforce platform or feel it’s in need of a fix, fusionSpan Salesforce consulting will guide your association on your technology suite, software, and systems to ensure they’re streamlined and support your growth. Plus, we’ll empower your employees to utilize the capabilities of Salesforce with confidence.

Case study

Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) needed to replace their legacy CRM and AMS system, with the goal of streamlining processes, improving member experience, and meeting the needs of the evolving business.

Working with GCCA, fusionSpan curated a custom Salesforce system that improved user interface and membership access, and streamlined payment processing. By transitioning to Salesforce and partnering with fusionSpan, Salesforce CRM, Experience Cloud, and Pardot implementations were leveraged, with the addition of AppExchange products to extend Salesforce’s capabilities and support GCCA’s event management processes.

What did the process entail? 
  • Initial audit of GCCA’s current technology stack and analysis of the value of each tool
  • Custom join process that utilized Salesforce flows for streamlined memberships and quick data collection
  • Creation of member and region-specific Pricebooks, using ‘Terms’ objects to assign, track, and report on membership terms
  • Member vs Non-Member views that offered personalized views upon system login
  • Complete custom Stripe integration that helped handle tax needs and regulations and the storing of sales information for accurate data

What resulted from our partnership was a custom system that met and managed current needs, whilst maintaining relationships and preserving member experience throughout the transition to Salesforce. With the new Salesforce CRM and AMS system in place, GCCA has assured flexibility for the future evolution of the organization, removing the worry that their system won’t support the changing needs of both GCCA and its members.

Working with fusionSpan

At fusionSpan, we specialize in Salesforce and AMS implementation for nonprofits and associations. Through a process of discovery, implementation, going live, and post-implementation support, fusionSpan experts are present at every step of the journey so your journey with Salesforce is seamless and smooth.

With a team of tech-savvy experts that truly understand the needs of associations and nonprofits

“fusionSpan provided us the technical and creative support we needed throughout our website project. I was thoroughly impressed with their customer service and timeliness throughout the course of the project. As a result, we have a website that is attractive, easy to navigate, and can serve as the core for all of the knowledge we disseminate to our members and customers.”

Jessica Dominguez
Director of Membership & Communications

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