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Improve Your Association’s Customer Service With Salesforce Einstein Bots

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By Justin Vo |September 17, 2020
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Improve Your Association’s Customer Service With Salesforce Einstein Bots

What are Einstein Bots?

What are Einstein Bots? Whether you know it or not, chances are you have encountered a chatbot while using the internet. Many chatbots can be found immediately when visiting a website, as they exist to greet the visitor and help guide them. Chatbots are designed to simulate human conversation by using scripts and artificial intelligence.

An Einstein Bot is a chatbot that utilizes the Salesforce CRM platform to meet and exceed customer expectations. An advantage of Einstein Bot as a chatbot over other options is that it is connected to Salesforce, and therefore can perform related actions on the platform.


According to Salesforce, Einstein Bots are designed to ease the load on your service agents. These bots can handle routine requests, and also gather pre-chat information to save your support team time.

Einstein Bots are available on the Salesforce platform as well as Fonteva and NimbleUser CRM solutions.

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This powerful tool can be extremely useful when building up context with website visitors. Is the person already logged in as a member of your association? Then the chatbot should greet them by their name and list upcoming events your organization is involved with. Is the person not yet a member? Then the chatbot might encourage them to register by directing them toward attractive resources.

As a quick example, let us take a look at a member, Aaron, whose membership status might be expiring soon. Because an Einstein Bot can access all of this information within the Salesforce CRM, the bot can quickly identify this and notify him.

Building and Customizing Einstein Bots

You will have to use the Salesforce Einstein Bot Builder to enable the chatbot. Einstein Bots utilize either Salesforce Apex or Flows to execute actions. These actions can be commands, such as showing the user their upcoming events or listing out membership history. Because the bot can take advantage of either Apex or Flows to build a cohesive and informational conversation, there is a lot of flexibility in what your bot can present to your users.

If the user is already logged in, such as Aaron in the example, we can set up a Flow to have the user reset their password, which tends to be a popular request.

Personalizing The Einstein Bot For Your Organization

Because the Einstein Bot is conversing with users in place of your association’s support, it is important to ensure that the bot has the look and feel of your association. The Einstein Bot allows for customizing dialogue, personalizing the icon and banner images, custom CSS styling, and support for Lightning Web Components for the chat window to fit your association website.

Involving Human Support

Sometimes, the Einstein Bot might not be able to help with the user’s exact needs. If this is the case, then the bot can transfer the user over to a live support agent. The live support agent will have access to the chat transcript, which contains all of the information and dialogue between the user and the chatbot.


24/7 support is difficult, and essentially unrealistic for small organizations. In the situation where a live support agent might not be readily available, the Einstein Bot can also assist the user with creating a support case. In this example, Aaron can create a case so that a support agent can take a look at it later.

Involving Human Support

Stay Tuned For More From fusionSpan!

As you can see, the Einstein Bot is a simple and effective way to deliver a better customer experience to your association members and website visitors. The tool allows for integration with your current Salesforce data to provide a better experience for users, and a variety of customization features such as overall design and dialogue.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles diving further into this tool, and information on how fusionSpan can help you leverage Einstein Bots!

Justin Vo
Improve Your Association’s Customer Service With Salesforce Einstein Bots

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