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Alan Luo

How to Effectively Compare Data from Two Different Salesforce Systems
Best Practices

Comparing data between systems is necessary for businesses that are looking to migrate, adjust or back up data. The issue, however, is that data...

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Create Better Membership Dashboards With Apache Superset

Dashboards have always been a crucial part of analytics. As the demand for Business Intelligence (BI) tools increase each year, the amount...

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Leverage Einstein Prediction Builder For Your Association’s Next Membership Campaign
Data AnalyticsHow To

For Einstein Prediction Builder to work, you need a well structured dataset that contains multiple variables and one predictive outcome. The...

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Superset – An Open Source Dashboard Builder
fusionConnectInnovation Lab

Superset is an open source BI tool that is used for building dashboards. It can connect to a variety of data sources, such as relational database...

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