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October 2019 Salesforce MC Release Update

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By Courtney Moore |October 7, 2019
Marketing Automation

The semi-annual Salesforce update this fall will happen between October 12, 2019 and November 1, 2019. Here is Gayathri’s synopsis of the stand-out items from the release. Reach out to Gayathri or the Digital Strategy team if you’re interested in Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Setup:

  1. Access MobilePush and GroupConnect admin pages from Setup.
  2. Enable the following Email Studio features in Setup: HTML Paste, Double Opt-In, From Name dropdown of Users, Send Throttling, BCC Emails, Impression Tracking, and Text-online Email.
  3. Setup automatic email reminders about expiring FTP account passwords.
  4. New GetSendTime() AMPscript function returns date and time of the individual subscriber instead of existing function Now() which returns date and time of current system date.
  5. Can now delete all queued SMS messages in a Send Definition using a new transactional message API called “DELETE messaging/v1/sms/definitions/{definitionKey}/queue”.

Some updates to Studios/Builders:

Content Builder:

  1. Nested tags being introduced. Marketers can add multiple dimensions to tags, making them easier to find, categorize, and analyze.
  2. Share data sources in business units: “Data Sync customers who synchronize data sources with a single Sales or Service Cloud Organization can share data sources across Business Units with the new Sharing tab in the Marketing Cloud Enterprise Account.”

Email Studio:

  1. Combine Email Studio with Account Level Seed Lists: “Return Path seeded sends now use Return Path Account Level seed lists. Account Level seed lists automatically synced with Return Path which prevents over-sending.”

Journey Builder:

  1. View Google Analytics 360 SMS metrics inside Journey Builder.
  2. Event Follow-Up template can be used to build a journey to engage with attendees after an event.

Social Studio:

  1. Google My Business enhancement: Admins can more easily add filters that allow end users to filter on cities, states, regions, provinces, and countries.
  2. Ability to delete unused screens from Command Center.

Mobile Studio:

  1. Register your own LINE channels and match company branding in GroupConnect.
  2. Use brand colors in in-apt messages (MobilePush) in Content Builder and Journey Builder
  3. New MobilePush SDK ReactNavtive module. Which enables “basic push functionality and analytics tracking for ReactNative-based hybrid mobile app”.

Ending functionality:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector 2011 support ending January 2020.

Distributed Marketing

*Enhancements being released to non-production environments on October 27, 2019

  1. New Editing Experience: Icons on the left side of modal to move between editing and previewing content.
  2. Click an area of a preview to edit directly.
  3. Top navigation bar options to change the message you’re editing (only in multi-message campaign sends), change send settings and view the record you’re sending to.
  4. More information available in Preview: “To” shows Name and Email address from recipient contact or lead record. “From” shows Name and Email Address of User Record running the preview.
  5. Can send a message to Contact, Lead, or Account directly from case record.
  6. Distributed Content Blocks can now be used as reference blocks.
  7. Can add custom image via a URL for up to 10 valid domains.
  8. Use List Views to send a Quick Send Message to an Individual.
Courtney Moore
October 2019 Salesforce MC Release Update

Courtney is a Senior Business Analyst at FusionSpan. She holds Salesforce Administration and Marketing Cloud credentials. She comes from a background working in associations. For fun she likes trying new things like glass blowing, trampoline gymnastics, robotics, and exploring.