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Leverage the true potential of the market-leading customer relationship management platform, with fusionSpan’s Salesforce customization and configuration services.


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Salesforce CRM

Our Salesforce customizations and configurations

As an official Salesforce Consulting Partner, fusionSpan has more than a decade of experience in delivering Salesforce configuration and customization services, and a team of over 80 Salesforce Certified Consultants on staff.

We work with nonprofits and membership associations to customize, configure and implement Salesforce solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. Our Salesforce customization services include configuring core functionality, expanding its scope with AMS implementations like Fonteva, and the following Salesforce clouds:

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Marketing Cloud

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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka Pardot)

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Sales Cloud

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Service Cloud

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Experience Cloud

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Nonprofit Cloud

Our Innovation Lab
Our Innovation Lab

Because Salesforce is always evolving, we need to be as well. The Innovation Lab is fusionSpan’s R&D arena, where we experiment with next-gen technologies and solutions to ensure we’re always offering our clients configurations at the cutting edge.

Tech stack integration
Tech stack integration

Salesforce isn’t a tool that is used in isolation – it’s the central hub of an entire ecosystem. We’ll deploy proven AppExchange products to extend the scope of your Salesforce platform, as well as integrating existing components of your tech stack to create one holistic system.

Device optimization
Device optimization

Experience design drives everything we do with Salesforce. With the ever-increasing trend towards using smart devices over desktops, we configure your Salesforce platform so that it delivers the same smooth, seamless journey whatever device your users choose.

Code review
Code review

When Salesforce is powering user experience and engagement for all of your members, you can’t afford for the software to break down during a membership renewal or a webinar booking. We have a strict code review process that follows the stages of the software development life cycle, to ensure that your Salesforce platform is as robust as it needs to be.


With a highly configured and customized Salesforce platform, documentation is essential to keep track of what’s being done and why. We maintain and deliver documentation throughout the process, from the early stages of gathering requirements to the time when your Salesforce solution is being put into place.

The benefits of Salesforce customization

From a more engaging and personalized user experience for your member community to a more streamlined and profitable platform for your team, everyone stands to benefit from Salesforce customization.

Discovery process

Drive member engagement

The more your Salesforce platform is tailored to your members, the more intuitive it will feel and the more they’ll keep coming back to your portal.

We can configure custom elements like personalized Experience Cloud pages for members and non-members, or registration flows that automatically align new users with the right organization based on their email domain.

Increase revenue

Salesforce doesn’t just help you complete sales – it gives you the tools to improve the user experience surrounding each sale and bolster your revenue pipeline. With a customized Salesforce platform, you can get better visibility of cart abandonment, Stripe integration and streamlined payment processing.

Solution design
Discovery process

Enable greater efficiency

A customized platform doesn’t have to mean an overly complex one. As we configure your Salesforce platform, we can help you replace your legacy CRM and AMS, streamline essential processes and make managing and updating the system easier.

fusionSpan’s customization projects

We’ve been helping nonprofits and membership organizations support their mission and engage their communities with Salesforce for over a decade. Take a look at some of our success stories.

Working with fusionSpan

When you’re customizing a tool as comprehensive as Salesforce, you need the right support on your side. A trusted tech partner who understands the platform inside and out, who knows when it’s best to use Salesforce flows or configure with code, and who can see the common pitfalls before you reach them.

We know the best practices around developing Salesforce’s functionality, and are as comfortable supporting smaller IT teams through a complex transition as we are delivering a proof of concept to an architecture review board.

Our Salesforce customization services include:

The fusionSpan Managed Services Experience
Technology assessment

The key to any customization or configuration project is understanding the lay of the land. Before we get started on designing a solution, we dig deep into your existing tech stack, to unravel the value each tool provides and where Salesforce fits within that bigger picture.

Discovery and solution design

During our Waterfall discovery process, we work with you to map out what a successful Salesforce system has to deliver for you, and visualize how each process and function will look in practice.

Discovery process

Delivery and integration

With years of Salesforce customization and configuration projects under our belts, each of our integrations are built on the experience of what’s come before. We have an efficient, standardized delivery model, and whenever we deploy a new solution, we can roll that out to all of our current clients consistently.

While we build your Salesforce solution and guide you through transitioning to the new platform, we can also help you keep up with ongoing growth and data management on your current CRM.

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