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fusionSpan moves to a New Office

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By Carla Yvonne Murphy |September 5, 2017

After being in downtown Washington, DC for over 5 years, we have made the decision to move to a larger space in Rockville, MD. We know what you’re thinking – you’re going to miss us being so close to your own office. Worry not! We are still metro accessible, and can easily get to your office should you need us.

Our new office address from September 1, 2017, is: 12300 Twinbrook Pkwy, Suite 440, Rockville MD 20852, right off of the Twinbrook Metro (Red Line).

While we loved the vibrant downtown atmosphere, there were quite a few reasons for our recent move. We’d like to share a few of those with you:

  • More spacious: Our staff is growing, and we were running out of space in our DC location. Our new office is large enough to fit all of us, and we still have room to grow!
  • Commute: Most of us live out in the suburbs of Maryland, so the commute time into the city was 45 minutes or longer. Rockville allows for a much shorter commute (for most, not all – sorry!), so we can show up on time and ready to offer our clients quality service.
  • Metro Woes: The slow tracking and continuing problems with the Washington Metro system made using the trains very unreliable, and many of us found it difficult to get to work on time.

Bonus: The building we moved into is being fully renovated, allowing us to design the office suite to our exact specification. We chose an open floor plan with sit-stand desks, and multiple collaboration rooms for team work. This new layout should provide a more collaborative work environment and make us more productive, and we are all very excited to try!

news moves to a New Office
news moves to a New Office
news moves to a New Office
news moves to a New Office
Carla Yvonne Murphy
fusionSpan moves to a New Office

Carla Yvonne comes with about 20 years of global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience to oversee and scale people operations that affect team member experience and company culture. She is responsible for programs and initiatives that are focused on engagement, culture, total rewards, career development, DE&I, hiring top talent, and improving team member retention rate. She has previously led people teams, built HR infrastructure for start-ups, and helped prior organizations maintain their Best Places to Work status that received in total over 25 employer awards.

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