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Salesforce Spring ’22 Release – what’s new

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By Tracy Utterback |February 3, 2022
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Salesforce is constantly releasing new features and updates to their platform. The Spring ’22 Release is no different, with a ton of new features to help users be more productive and effective. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the most important changes and how they can benefit you. So whether you’re already using Salesforce or are just starting out, make sure to check out what’s new in the Spring ’22 Release!

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA). Starting February 1, 2022 all Quip users are required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when logging in or accessing the application through single sign on. Salesforce will activate MFA for this date only and enforce it from May 1st onward so as not disrupt current business operations during these transition periods.
  2. API Version Retirement. You need to upgrade! Salesforce is warning developers that they will be retiring older versions of their API in summer 2022. Versions 7 through 20 are all officially deprecated, so if you’re still using them after this date it means your application has either been made obsolete or isn’t quite up-to speed with the new standards yet.
  3. Edit fields via a report– for example you can update statuses and clean up data without rerunning your reports. With this new update, you can edit multiple records on the report run page and make changes to your data without having to re-run it. This is perfect for those who want quick updates or cleanup of old statuses that may be outdated!
  4. Archive Experience Cloud Sites.Archiving a site in Salesforce is now simple! You can use the new “Archive” button on your organization’s detail page to permanently remove it from public access. When an archive occurs, its URL becomes inaccessible for everyone including admins – but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever; if there was ever any change of heart about these sites, then just unarchived them again easily enough without having exceeded 100 total webpages/urls or links within SFDC.
  5. Community licenses can now support 100+ million site members.
  6. Enhanced landing pages with Pardot.Customize your Pardot forms with style options that will make them stand out on any landing page. Apply colors, fonts and margins to create an attractive form inside the enhanced builder without having to do anything else!
  7. Salesforce for Outlook will be retired in 2023.As announced, Salesforce’s Lightning Experience and Classic will no longer sync contacts beginning in June 2023. To continue collaborating with your organization after this transition please consider moving to Salesforce’s next generation products such as the Outlook Integration or Einstein Activity Capture.
  8. Slack and Salesforce SSO. You can now bring your team together in one place with Slack’s new single sign-on feature! You’ll be able to access protected data without having credentials saved on individual devices.
  9. Org admin can perform Email updates and password resets in the same operation.

Most features are released with little to no negative impact on the org. However there are features that are deprecated and replaced with new functionality that you want to keep an eye out for. You can find those by using the search capabilities in the release notes and using the keyword Deprecatedto see the full list for the current release.

Advice from the experts

Take the time to review the notes. We know that can be a bit daunting, but there is really good information in the notes.

Leverage as many of the new features and functionality as possible. By doing so you might find, for example, that the time your staff spends on manual tasks could be replaced with a simple automation.

Your production instance will be upgraded to the Spring ’22 Release according to the rolling 12-month release calendar on To see your upgrade date, enter your instance name or domain and click the maintenance tab.

The experts at fusionSpan are always happy to help! Contact us today!

Tracy Utterback
Salesforce Spring ’22 Release – what’s new

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