Fonteva Implementation and Managed Services

Maximize your Salesforce investment and make it easier to manage membership experience with Fonteva AMS implementation and full life cycle managed services.

What is Fonteva?

Fonteva is the leading Association Management System (AMS) for the Salesforce platform. From managing membership and events to driving ecommerce, member engagement, and data reporting, Fonteva has the comprehensive functionality to deliver on the needs of your membership community.

When implemented with the right expertise, Fonteva gives your organization greater agility with drag-and-drop reporting, straightforward data dashboards, and a cloud solution that’s always up to date.

Implementing a new AMS can be a daunting challenge. As a Fonteva premier service partner, our team of certified experts have been working with Fonteva since 2014 and completed more than 80 implementations and migrations.

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The benefits of implementing Fonteva

As a membership organization, your AMS is crucial to managing member functions and engaging your community. But not every AMS is made equal, and legacy systems can easily become too unwieldy to keep up with a growing organization – particularly if the implementation wasn’t right in the first place.


Fonteva’s breadth of functionality gives your organization the capability to manage every aspect of the membership experience, from core elements like processing renewals to simplifying complex business processes like dual membership programs.

What makes a successful Fonteva implementation

Designing and building a tech solution is only one part of making a successful Fonteva implementation. Even the most comprehensive AMS can fail to make the right impact if you don’t get executive alignment and buy-in across your organization.


When we deliver a Fonteva implementation project, we also deliver plans for change management, communication, training and development, to help ensure that resistance to adoption doesn’t undermine your investment.


On the technical side, data architecture is key to implementing Fonteva effectively. By putting the right documentation and data governance in place from the beginning, fusionSpan can help you ensure your system has the flexibility to grow without becoming too complex, and continue delivering on your desired business outcomes and member experience.

Our Fonteva managed services

Implementing Fonteva doesn’t end with the launch. As one of the core components of how you manage and engage your membership community, your AMS needs regular, ongoing management. This enables you to continuously add value to customers while ensuring your AMS is always delivering for your team – and fusionSpan can help.

Fonteva training

Make the most of your investment by ensuring your current and new team members keep enhancing their Fonteva skills through our training courses. We also offer webinars to help you keep up with new releases and updates to the AMS software.

Upgrades and roadmapping

With vCIO strategy assessment and strategic system roadmapping, we can help ensure your Fonteva system keeps up with current standards and meets your organization’s technological goals.

Health checks

Keep your Fonteva system secure and your important member data protected with ongoing system health checks.

Feature enhancements

Optimize your Fonteva system with customized user experience and improved functionality, guided by our Managed Services team.

Bug fixes

When something isn’t working with your AMS, our Managed Services team will help you pinpoint where and why the issue is happening, and correct it immediately.

Vendor liaison

We want to make using Fonteva as simple as possible for you, so we’ll handle the communications with vendors, ensuring solutions are found to any issues that arise.

Support portal

Get focused help for your tickets and find the right answer fast with our dedicated support portal.

Fonteva implementation that delivers on tech and business goals

The fusionSpan Managed Services Experience

When you implement Fonteva as your new AMS, you don’t just need a partner who can set the tech up. You also need one who can bridge the gap between the system and the business outcomes it has to achieve, and design a solution that leaves nothing on the table.

With a decade of experience and 80+ Fonteva implementations and migrations under our belts, we know the challenges that come with upgrading your AMS and how to head them off before they happen. And while our tech team works on the build, our digital strategy team focuses on your business goals and desired experiences to ensure the tech is right to support them.

From automated testing and de-risking your build to helping with change management, documentation and alignment, find a trusted partner in fusionSpan to guide you all the way from solution design to post-implementation support.

Discovery process

All of our Fonteva implementations begin with a Waterfall discovery process, to visualize how the new processes will work in practice, and chart a functionality roadmap for how your Fonteva system will evolve after launch.

And because you need to be sure project scope doesn’t get detached from budget, our discovery phase sets the foundations for what a functional, efficient and cost-effective Fonteva implementation looks like.

Solution design

When a successful implementation depends on adoption and alignment across your organization, we know how critical it is to get stakeholders involved early.

We make our clients an integral part of designing their Fonteva implementation solution, and incorporate iterations throughout the build rather than at the end. As we build in two-week Agile sprints, you can see your requirements come to life and feedback on each iteration directly.

Post-Implementation Support

Build optimization

With your business outcomes top of mind, our Fonteva specialists will help you simplify workflows and improve processes for governance, data structures and cleansing, giving you a streamlined AMS that’s easy to update, manage and scale.

And because “simplified” doesn’t mean “stripped down”, we also build system customizations that hone in on your organization’s unique needs, and deliver tailored Fonteva training to win your team over on the power of your new AMS.

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