Bridging Gaps Through Technology

Business Hub with Open Source software (Part 2)

In the previous blog we made the case for a business hub for your association. In this blog we will go over implementing the hub with free open source software.

By Manav Kher | May 13, 2019Read More

PODCAST: Strategic Implementations of New Systems at Your Association

In this podcast, Justin Burniske chats with Rhea Steele, Chief Operating Officer of DECA Inc. on how to strategically implement new software systems at your association and how to successfully facilitate the change management that occurs with the implementation of systems.

By Justin Burniske | April 15, 2019Read More

Setting Yourself Up for Success with Sandbox Refreshes

Salesforce Sandboxes are crucial to testing new releases and functionalities in a controlled environment before they are placed in your live production environment. Before you test on your Sandbox environment, we highly recommend taking the time to refresh your Sandbox’s metadata with the production org.

By Himali Shah | March 28, 2019Read More
fusionSpan at #ASAETech18

fusionSpan kicked off last week at the Annual ASAE Technology Conference. As our team has continued to grow we have looked for more ways to engage and give back to the association community, and ASAE Tech is a great example. Not only did we have lots of great conversations with attendees at our booth in the exhibit hall, we also co-presented two sessions as part of the learning opportunities of the conference.

By Justin Burniske | December 14, 2018
AMS Implementation: Why a Business Process Discovery is Essential BEFORE Making a Move
One of the biggest challenges with association management system (AMS) implementations is that organizations often confuse processes in their old system with their business requirements. When this happens, organizations request customizations to make the new system function like the old system. Wasn’t the original goal of selecting and implementing a new AMS to improve—not maintain—your business processes?
By Justin Burniske | November 2, 2018
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