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Using Salesforce for Fundraising & Donor Management

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By Dumebi Okeleke |October 16, 2023
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Using Salesforce for Donor Management

Using Salesforce for Donor ManagementSalesforce donor management provides a fundraising solution that helps nonprofit organizations continue to grow and track data about their donors. Within your donor management system (DMS), contact information, activity tracking, financial capacity, history, and engagement can be recorded, allowing your organization to monitor success and engage with donors in a more segmented and personalized manner.

Donor management can be executed using Nonprofit Cloud, which is Salesforce’s own Nonprofit industry cloud native within the Salesforce CRM. Combined with Marketing Cloud and Experience Cloud, and streamlined by fusionSpan, Salesforce will enable you to manage and build relationships with donors through nurturing and personalized follow-ups.

Is Salesforce used for fundraising?

Correctly configured by fusionSpan’s expert team, Salesforce’s donor management system will maximize your fundraising efforts. Within Salesforce, we’ll streamline your experience and provide a centralized 360 view of your data, allowing you to utilize campaigns, dashboards, and donor scores, organize donations, and personalize your donor content.

fusionSpan will also manage your Nonprofit Cloud install, helping you tackle accounting for income, manage installments, report on your efforts, and acknowledge your donors with email and print communications.

Give donors scores with fundraising intelligence

Prioritize prospective donors, segment your records, and improve your communication with donors using biographic, philanthropic, and firmographic data for a complete understanding of their profile.

Understand top-performing campaigns

Use Salesforce data to smash your fundraising goals. We’ll help you segment and personalize your messaging so you can create custom campaigns, track progress, and even leverage automation tools, turning volunteers into donors.

Accept one-time and recurring donations

fusionSpan will ensure your DMS is set up correctly to track the money that enters your system as one-time payments, recurring donations, or multiple installments. Plus, use Salesforce’s mobile-friendly donation form to accept one-time, monthly donations, and more.

Use Salesforce dashboards to manage payment data

We’ll ensure that your income is logged correctly to track revenue and meet donor requirements, guaranteeing that you have the accurate data you need to inform future decisions.

Donor attribution

Gain a comprehensive overview of donations by tracking the origin of matching gifts from employers, contributions from donor-advised funds, and gifts generated through peer-to-peer fundraising efforts.

Customize acknowledgments and automated receipts for donors

Engage with donors and acknowledge their generosity with emails and letters. With the expertise of fusionSpan, you’ll get recommendations on the AppExchange software you need to generate branded and personalized thank-you documents and custom receipts.

What is Donor Management?

What is Donor ManagementDonor management centers around the process of organizing donor information, tracking and monitoring interactions, and cultivating long-term relationships with donors. As donors form the fundamental pillar of nonprofit work, fostering these meaningful connections is essential.

Using a donor management system provides capabilities such as data analysis, using this to send personalized communications, and implementing automations to manage these based on donor behavior. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud offers this for both potential and present donors.

Is Salesforce a Donor Management System?

Nonprofit Cloud is a core Salesforce industry cloud offering a robust and intuitive solution for nonprofit organizations.

Your Salesforce DMS technology can be customized to suit your organizational needs by adding additional apps and integrations. This can help to:

  • Better understand donors – made easier by building donor profiles, which will help highlight the most influential and generous donors working with your organization
  • Strengthen strategies – targeting and content strategies can be improved through personalized messaging and content that inspires action from donors
  • Identify impactful initiatives – use reporting functionalities to measure the growth and success of delivered programs and services – plus communicate success stories and metrics back to donors to empower future support

Can you use Salesforce for Nonprofits?

Can you use Salesforce for Nonprofits?Salesforce for nonprofits provides apps, tools, features, services, and technology to connect with donors, track volunteers, and manage campaigns, helping to empower mission-based organizations transform engagements into relationships.

Working with fusionSpan, your nonprofit will leverage innovations, AI, analytics, and app integrations to create a unique environment that suits your organization, helping to manage donor relationships and fundraising efforts. Some core ways that we can configure Salesforce to support your nonprofit include:

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

NPSP provides a series of managed packages which we’ll install to make managing relationships with donors simpler. fusionSpan will assist you in installing NPSP by either signing up for your trial run in Salesforce or installing NPSP on top of your Salesforce Enterprise platform.

The Power of Us Program

The Power of Us Program provides nonprofits with discounted pricing, and 10 free Salesforce licenses. Following a simple application, fusionSpan will support your nonprofit with our Quick Start Implementation process and tailored recommendations on how your organization can make the most of the program, meaning you’ll hit the ground running when leveraging your Salesforce software.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

With the support of fusionSpan, implement Nonprofit Cloud as your flexible solution to fundraising, marketing, data management, program operations, and more, to manage donors, volunteers, and grantees in one central system. We’ll hand-select any add on applications from over 5000 apps compatible with nonprofit cloud, build your solution, and train you on the functionalities and management tools of reporting, customer/self-service, marketing, and events.

Join communities in Salesforce

Salesforce customers, partners, and staff adjoin to support one another and help answer questions through the sharing of experiences and expertise, helping nonprofits connect with similar organizations and local community groups.

Salesforce learning paths

Learning paths provide a collection of resources that help nonprofits successfully leverage Salesforce. Paths include fundraising, program management, constituent engagement, and analytics.

fusionSpan will build an intuitive system that provides a single source of truth with your data, empowering your employees to inspire action among their donors and supporting communities, and be able to clearly report on and accelerate the efforts and outcomes of donor correspondence. Engaging donors, managing programs, understanding income streams, and reporting on growth is made easier by working with fusionSpan to leverage Salesforce for your nonprofit.

How Nonprofits can engage Donors using Salesforce

When it comes to engaging donors, when implemented correctly, Salesforce offers a number of solutions for nonprofits that help maximize the impact of your campaigns:

1. Fundraising online

Track donations, funds, and campaigns in one system, build and measure cash flow streams, and understand where donations were allocated and what triggered them. Plus, build strong relationships with your supporters and report on their engagements with your organization, using reliable data to inform future fundraising decisions.

2. Personalize outreach and engagement

Turbocharge your nonprofit’s efforts by building multi-channel connections with your prospects and donors. Capture touch points across the donor journey, and track information about the donors that engage with your organization; then provide personalized outreach showcasing your understanding of your community on both an individual and at-scale basis.

3. Visualize engagement with analytics

Identify trends and patterns in your donor data, and understand who your donors are and how they engage with you, using analytics. Not only does this help your organization know where to focus its efforts, but analytics can be shared with donors to reiterate the impact and importance of their support and generosity.

4. Program and event management

Deliver programs and events that inspire your communities, managed and organized on a unified and fully integrated platform, curated by fusionSpan. Use custom software and automation to empower staff, understand the needs of your program participants, and provide the best service. Plan events based on donor locations, and use apps that make registration, ticketing, record updates, schedules, and follow-up surveys more efficient.

5. Grantmaking

Drive stronger outcomes for your funding programs, nurture strong stakeholder relationships, connect teams, and generate positive experiences for grantees. Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, uncomplicate the grants process, create and publish funding opportunities, proposals, and awards, and manage budgets.

6. Operations

Connect external systems with the help of fusionSpan and get streamlined, trusted data. Create accounts for your donors, businesses, grantees, and volunteers using Nonprofit Cloud and build datasets that inform your nurturing and outreach processes, generate trusting relationships, and help you make informed decisions that raise more funds.

7. Stewardship

Standardize engagement with donors to maintain long term relationships. Using Salesforce paths and email templates, streamline internal processes and ensure consistent communication with donors. By syncing communications in one system, employees can observe activity history to understand what donors have received, and how they responded.

8. Use experience cloud to create donor communities

Allow donors and members to login and use self-service features, joining a community of similar people through message boards and forums. Within the self-service portal, publicize events, share relevant updates, and empower donors with their own data.

Examples of Donor Management

Examples of Donor ManagementWe supported a recent client through a project to streamline their data and transform user experience. They had separate platforms and unintegrated systems, resulting in disorganization and lots of duplication.

By implementing Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), fusionSpan determined a data management system that improved functionality and user experience and provided a more effective ecommerce and events platform.

With this CRM implementation successfully executed, our client was also able to foster dedicated and engaged members, accurately track donations, and analyze repeat donations and where funding was coming from.

Learn how our clients are leveraging Nonprofit Cloud

How fusionSpan can support with using Salesforce for Donor Management

fusionSpan exclusively focuses on associations, nonprofits, the local public sector, and purpose-driven organizations.

As experts in Salesforce and Nonprofit Cloud, our knowledge and dedication to excellent solutions mean we can help your organization overcome the problems that are restricting your growth and creating obstacles in managing and engaging your donors.

We’ll work together to close the gaps and find innovative solutions that ensure you get the most out of your software investment, and drive results that help you fulfill your mission.

Streamline your software and build lasting relationships with your donors.

Contact fusionSpan to start the process.

Dumebi Okeleke
Using Salesforce for Fundraising & Donor Management

Dumebi Okeleke is a seasoned Manager in Salesforce Consulting with a remarkable 5 years of industry experience and 5 Salesforce certifications. Dumebi has established himself as an expert in delivering bespoke solutions and leading successful Salesforce implementations. With a commitment to excellence and a strategic mindset, Dumebi is a valuable asset in the dynamic realm of Salesforce consulting.