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Salesforce Summer ’20 & Fonteva ’20 Spring Release: What You Need To Know

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By Rose Palipalli |July 9, 2020

Summer means more than vacations and cookouts in the Salesforce world. After being delayed due to COVID-19, the annual Salesforce Summer ’20 Release update will deploy to all production environments by July 20, 2020.

This release offers a number of new features and changes, which you may have seen in the sandbox previews that have been available since May 29th. Let’s take a closer look at the Salesforce release, and also check out the newly available Fonteva 20 Spring Release.

Summer '20 Release Windows

The first thing you should know about the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release is timing. Salesforce will do a phased release to all production environments in three windows, ranging from June 12 to July 18, 2020.

  • First window: June 12
  • Second window: July 10
  • Third window: July 17-18

Check your instance upgrade date by visiting Make sure you are prepared for the upgrade changes by testing all basic functionality and customizations related to the release in your sandbox.

Salesforce Summer '20 Release

Salesforce Summer '20 Release

Although the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release is packed full of new updates, there are a few highly anticipated features gaining some buzz:

  • Full Lightning experience available on iPad using Safari. Refer to this for more info.
  • Updates have been made to help ease working with multiple records.
    • Split views can show users list view and the selected record side by side. This feature is available in Lightning Experience.
      • Note that this is only available for the objects added to the Navigation bar.
  • Efficient and faster org maintenance with the help of Optimizer App. All that’s needed is enabling the app from Setup before you run it.
    • The results will be displayed in a split-view console that shows Results, Data List as well as recommendations for next steps.
    • The Optimizer app analyzes over 40 features and recommends updates/changes needed to make maintenance easier.
  • Increased security with Redirect Notices for External URLs. This is applicable for external URLs used in Lightning experience that are not whitelisted.
  • Managing page layouts is easier than before with the help of Dynamic forms, that are now available through the Lightning App Builder. This feature empowers users to get creative with their pages’ fields, sections, and component visibility (which can directly translate into improved performance and user experience). Wrapped up in a simpler interface, this is a great opportunity to start handling page and record layout customization with power. This will also mean fewer page layouts based on visibility rules.
    • Note: Dynamic Forms is supported on record pages for custom objects only.
  • Process builder now has flows with triggers for after saves, platform event messages and an advanced setting to run flows that bypass user’s permissions to complete a task. Better guidance is also available in the form of prompts to help keep you on track. This will come in handy as flows continue to become more complex!
  • Finally, ability to provide the organization-wide email address for the emails triggered from Automated Process User avoiding issues with invalid forms of addresses.

Note PaidNote: Although these were a few of the most anticipated updates, there is a multitude of new features rolling out. Be sure to check out the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes in preparation for how your organization will leverage this release.

Fonteva '20 Spring Release

Fonteva Logo

Alongside the Salesforce Summer ’20 release, Fonteva has been hard at work after its 2019-R1 release. The Fonteva Spring ’20 Release focuses on improvements across the overall org and Community site. There are new features and updates for Sales Orders, Community Site, Web Content Accessibility, Security, and Event enhancements.

The largest change from the Fonteva Spring ’20 Release is updates to the Sales Order structure. The Invoice object will be part of the Sales Order object moving forward. This means that Sales Orders can now be defined as Invoices, so staff does not need to create Invoice and Invoice Line records. It is worth mentioning that existing Invoice records are still supported. Overall, this simplifies the overall sales orders processing, reporting as well as the number of records needed for maintaining invoices, reducing your storage costs.

Additionally, an improved payment page is available for staff users that splits the payment process into two pages, one for Shipping and Tax information and the other to Apply Payment. This ensures shipping and Tax is applied correctly when items that require both or either are being purchased.

Community Sites now have the option to be presented in multiple languages using manual translation or imported translations. These translations are housed in the new Translations object and can be modified through Record Translation Tables. Fonteva provides translation for all its Custom Labels in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese. Salesforce’s Data loader can be used for translation using import/export.

The Fonteva release also features Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliance for Community Sites, 3D Secure 2.0 authentication protocol for online card payments, and event login and single form per event registration enhancements.

Your Next Steps

There are many new features and low-code automation possibilities that continually raise the skill floor for Salesforce administration, so we understand the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release and Fonteva Spring ’20 Releases can be daunting. Always remember to take a recently refreshed Sandbox and test out the release before making any changes in Production. If you need some friendly assistance to help with your upgrade, answer general questions, or even provide full time support – contact us for a quick consultation today!

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Rose Palipalli
Salesforce Summer ’20 & Fonteva ’20 Spring Release: What You Need To Know

Rose Palipalli is the Director of Consulting and is passionate about implementing innovative solutions for clients. She has a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Computer Science and also a Master’s degree in Project Management. Rose is dedicated to driving improvements within the consulting department while ensuring client success and fostering continuous team development. She has been in the Salesforce and Nonprofit industry for over 5 years and 6x Salesforce certified. Her motto in life is “If you believe, you can achieve".

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