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Virtual Events Providing Value for Associations

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By Arden Winner |September 3, 2020
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As associations continue to adjust to a socially distanced world, virtual events have become less of a convenience and more of a necessity. It is imperative to provide continued value to members, especially when budgetary constraints are at the forefront of many internal conversations.

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For existing Fonteva customers, or those investigating a switch to a cutting-edge Association Management System (AMS) platform, serving content to members via Zoom Webinar and GoToWebinar already provide great value. However, how do you ensure that only your members register for your members-only webinar? How do you make sure that you can easily track engagement in a single system, without having to manually upload registration lists from your webinar provider into Fonteva or vice versa? How do you provide a seamless, branded registration experience to your members?

Fonteva WebinarSync

What is Fonteva WebinarSync?

Fonteva Events WebinarSync Accelerator is a managed package available to Fonteva customers who are already using Fonteva Events. With WebinarSync, you can integrate the Fonteva Events platform directly with Zoom Webinar and GoToWebinar out of the box.

Fonteva WebinarSync allows you to…

  • Manage Virtual Events with Ease
    • No need for attendees to register twice – registrations in Fonteva write back to your webinar platform
    • Registration data is available for reporting in both platforms
    • Control access to webinar registration using existing Fonteva badges to make sure that only members can register
  • Bi-Directional Sync
    • Create webinars directly in Fonteva, or sync Fonteva events with existing webinars
    • Sync registrations real-time without having to push data back and forth

How to Implement WebinarSync

Once you decide that seamless, synchronized webinar registration will serve your association well, installing WebinarSync only takes a few steps. fusionSpan has assisted several clients with setting up this accelerator, and we have a few recommendations to assist you if you plan to take on this installation on your own.

First, do not rush! While we know that every association is eager to improve their virtual event experience, it is important to give adequate time to test new services before trying to deploy to members. The last thing you want is to publicize a new registration experience, only for members to encounter significant bugs and issues when they actually go to register.

Second, make sure you thoroughly test not only the sync, but the registration experience. When you are asking your members to change how they interact with your association, you will need to be able to answer questions with expertise and ease. At least one person on your staff should feel comfortable walking a member through how to register, how to add the webinar to their calendar, and how to dial into the session once it starts.

Third, decide how you want to report on registration data. With metrics available in both Fonteva and your webinar platform, it’s important to decide where you want to pull routine registration and engagement reports, so that you are consistently evaluating on the same metrics.

I Need Help!

Whether you are trying to integrate a webinar platform other than Zoom Webinar or GoToWebinar, or you just want to leverage the experience of experts in the field to make your implementation a success, fusionSpan is always available to help! We can answer questions, provide guidance, and even engage with you to implement WebinarSync to meet your needs and showcase your value to members, whether they are back in the office, or engaging with your content from the comfort of their homes.

Arden Winner
Virtual Events Providing Value for Associations

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