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fusionSpan India Aids In Coronavirus Relief

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By Carla Yvonne Murphy |July 7, 2021

While the outlook in the United States looks bright, countries such as India continue to face many struggles with the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our fusionSpan India offices have seen their local communities and team affected by the crisis, and received requests from multiple organizations to help out in any capacity. fusionSpan is proud to announce that we have donated over 100 air coolers to aid with COVID-19 Relief.

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The air coolers, designed to offer air circulation to and ventilation, have been donated to 4 different hospitals and organizations in the local fusionSpan India communities.

A well-maintained and operated system can reduce the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces by increasing the rate of air change, reducing air recirculation and increasing the amount of outdoor air coming in. Due to the lockdown in India, the regular funding and hospital donations of coolers and other resources has dropped more than 60%.

We look forward to much more coordination and cooperation in coming days, and are grateful to your organization for helping during this difficult situation.

– The Dean of the Government Medical College of Nagpur

fusionSpan has donated 8 coolers to Swami Vivekananda Hospital and Charitable Trust in Nagpur, 50 Coolers to Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur, 10 Coolers to Jankalyan Seva Sanstha Amravati, and 35 Coolers to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College & Hospital in Nagpur. The coolers will be used by medical staff to aid in Coronavirus relief for thousands of patients within the Nagpur community.

Govt Medical College

Thank you for helping us make a positive change – your generous support encourages our organization to continue our commitment to reaching our goals.

The Hedgewater Hospital & Baharini Critical Care Unit


This donation continues fusionSpan’s commitment to the Pledge 1%. This initiative is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good in their local communities. fusionSpan is passionate about participating in the local community, supporting great causes, and having a positive impact on lives at the global scale. We are proud to support the communities where our teams live and work, and continue to look for opportunities to invest in a future beyond our present best!

Carla Yvonne Murphy
fusionSpan India Aids In Coronavirus Relief

Carla Yvonne comes with about 20 years of global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience to oversee and scale people operations that affect team member experience and company culture. She is responsible for programs and initiatives that are focused on engagement, culture, total rewards, career development, DE&I, hiring top talent, and improving team member retention rate. She has previously led people teams, built HR infrastructure for start-ups, and helped prior organizations maintain their Best Places to Work status that received in total over 25 employer awards.

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