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Employee Spotlight – Christian Pacheco

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By Pallavi Barbate |September 19, 2022
Employee Spotlight
Christian Pacheco
Christian Pacheco
Application Support Engineer

quoteHello Everyone! My name is Christian and I am very excited to be coming back to the fusionSpan team! For those that do not already know, I am a huge sports fan. I can watch virtually any sport on TV and find appreciation for it. On top of the list of sports that I enjoy watching is basketball and I am diehard Celtics fan! Although it has only been less than two years since my initial departure, I have a lot of friendly faces to meet! quote

What is a fun fact about yourself that people might not know?

I like being competitive and that is about a lot of things. It is something that I don’t let others find out about me, but I am competitive whether it’s at any games that I play, sports or really just anything. I like to finish stuff fast and it really doesn’t matter what it is; I just like to make it into some kind of competition for myself.

What is your favorite thing about working at fusionSpan?

It is definitely the culture and environment of the company. I often talk about the culture here because everyone is friendly and caring for each other and their work. It brings in a lot of team work at fusionSpan. It allows for everyone to help each other on projects. It was, of course, a lot more expressive when we worked in the same physical office space, but it’s still a friendly and caring culture.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Christian PachecoPlaying and watching sports is the biggest thing I like doing. I have two dogs, a Black Lab/itt mix and a Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix. They fill up a lot of my time. They love going on long walks and hikes. This is mostly what I like doing and then the occasional video game is another hobby. Mostly sports and my dogs, maybe occasional video games.

What are some of your favorite things about your job?

There are a few. The people here are so smart, impressive, and helpful. Added responsibility is what I love. More lately, I like the added responsibility I have got. Managing a team has been really eye opening, a really big learning experience for me. My favorite thing would be my team members. I watched them grow, take on more responsibilities, and take on more — something they didn’t have to. Seeing my team work as a team to better ourselves during a transition is so nice to see.

What has been your favorite project to complete since joining the team?

I would say the LMS we are currently working on. We are implementing a new LMS for our internal onboarding and future internal and external training. Leading the project with the training team and working with them and owning it, has been nice. It is like my baby project that I got to start from scratch.

Since joining fusionSpan, how have you grown professionally?

It has been only a few months since I rejoined and was given an opportunity as a manager. I feel very happy about it. I got promoted in two months, which I don’t think was planned, but we take opportunities that come our way. I definitely had a lot of opportunities before as well. There was a lot to learn. I guess on the cultural end, too, I feel growth, because prior to coming back, I was at a much larger company, where decisions were made for me and not so much by me. Now as a manager, I am making a lot of decisions and it has been really nice to hone in on that.

What are some hopes for your future at fusionSpan?

Christian PachecoWith respect to myself, I want to continue to be a good manager for my team but most of my goals are for the team. I want them to be successful and also support the rest of the fusionSpan team the way that is needed. Everyone is dependent on us and if we can do that and make our processes better, it will be amazing. I want everyone on my team to be successful and self-sufficient.

How has your career grown since joining the team?

As a whole, when I was originally with fusionSpan, it was a very entry level position. It’s only gone up from there. It started out with doing the basics to eventually holding almost an entire department’s support. I went from not doing a lot, to supporting managed services. And now it’s about managing projects and processes as a whole, which continue to step up and being the lead of the department.

What do you think are 3 words to describe fusionSpan?

Those would be Fun, Caring, and Hardworking.

Before working here, what was the most unusual or interesting job you had?

I have never really had an unusual job. Outside of IT I have worked in Retail. The thing that is different is that it involved Sales, and I don’t think I’ve sold anything since then. It was helpful, though. There was a lot of customer interaction, which sort of helps with clients in the long run.

What do you like most about fusionSpan?

The teamwork here is amazing. Everyone is with the program and knows if we don’t put in our part we can fall behind and our teams will not succeed. Everyone is really good with that and knowing what’s on the line. In larger companies, it’s okay to coast and give minimal effort.t’s great that here at fusionSpan, it’s instilled in everyone that we need to be a team and support one another.

Favorite Animal and why?

My favorites are Dogs. I feel like they get to know your energy and they almost know exactly what to do depending on how you’re feeling. They know how to match your energy. No matter what, I feel like Dogs are always down to do whatever you want to do.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

It’s a mix of walking my dogs , eating out with my girlfriend, and relaxing. With my dogs, we normally go on a trail around the neighborhood. Sometimes, I have to balance their different levels of energy. One of them needs to be tired out and the other can be home all day and just never leave.

What is your dream meal or favorite food?

Cheeseburgers! That’s my go-to meal. Right now, my favorite place is something local in the area, it’s called “The Habit.” It’s turned into a chain here but it’s a go-to place for me.

How do you spend your free time?

Pretty much the same way I like to spend my weekends. With my dogs, with my girlfriend, and playing games — video and outdoor. I play a bunch of sports and really like it.

Is there a quote or motto that you live by/ has stuck with you?

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

What tv show are you currently binging?

The Office. That’s what it is. I’ve finished it multiple times. It’s always on in the background in my house. For a quick laugh it’s always Kevin/ Creed. I love the character development for Dwight. It’s a great show!

What is your favorite movie?

Good Will Hunting.

Who is your favorite celebrity or innovator and why?

Kobe Bryant – I think he has always preached about hardwork and dedication and that you don’t get anywhere without hard work. He put in 2-3 times more hard work than any other person in the NBA and those qualities and that mentality that he brought inspires me.

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Employee Spotlight – Christian Pacheco

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