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Employee Spotlight – Anuja More

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By Pallavi Barbate |December 20, 2023
Employee Spotlight
Anuja More
Anuja More
Senior Consultant

QuoteI am a seasoned Senior Salesforce Consultant with a decade of expertise in both Salesforce and non-Salesforce projects. Originally from Hyderabad, India, I am currently based in Dubai. I have a bachelor's degree in technology and am 9x Salesforce certified. My professional passion lies in tackling intricate business requirements and working with complex data sets. Over the years, I've successfully implemented Salesforce solutions across diverse domains, including banking, government, public sector, real estate management and leasing, and Non-Profit organizations. Beyond the professional sphere, I find joy in travel, exploring local cuisines, and delving into health-conscious practices. Quote

What is a fun fact about yourself that people might not know?

Anuja MoreI possess a great sense of humor, and whenever I find myself in challenging or unconventional situations, my instinct is to laugh. I believe that laughter not only provides a moment of levity but also opens up new perspectives and mental space to contemplate solutions. This approach is a lesson I’ve inherited from my grandparents, who, when faced with problems, would mock the issues and find humor in them.

Moreover, I have a skill for reading faces through physiognomy, analyzing the physical features of the face to discern certain character traits. Interestingly, this skill has led to some amusing situations, as I’ve been unexpectedly thrown into the spotlight when people discovered my understanding of physiognomy.

What is your favorite thing about working at fusionSpan?

The richness of culture at fusionSpan stands out prominently. While I’ve interacted with individuals from various regions before, the diversity at fusionSpan surpasses any that I’ve experienced. The approachability of everyone is striking, creating an atmosphere where I feel comfortable engaging in conversations with anyone. The high level of transparency is noteworthy, and I appreciate the leadership’s genuine concern for both the company culture and the well-being of its employees. This commitment to fostering a positive workplace is what I find particularly commendable about fusionSpan.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

hobbies I enjoy reading books, and during my leisure moments, I find pleasure in doodling and scribbling on paper, often creating amusing faces. Additionally, I like to stay active by engaging in running and playing badminton in my free time.

What are some of your favorite things about your job?

I’ve noticed a shift where people now look to me for solutions, a responsibility that wasn’t as prominent before. From a technical perspective, my proficiency in Salesforce has significantly expanded, providing me with a deeper understanding of the platform. In terms of business requirements and analysis, my engagement with numerous clients on a substantial scale has equipped me with insights into what is essential when interacting with stakeholders. What I enjoy most about my role is conversing with clients to comprehend their needs; it’s truly my favorite aspect of the job. My second favorite would be debugging, as it presents a challenge that sparks my curiosity, and I thoroughly enjoy researching solutions.

How has your career grown since joining the team?

My experience collaborating at fusionSpan across various projects and roles has been instrumental in enhancing my comprehension of diverse project intricacies. Working closely with project managers, data architects, and consultants has expanded my knowledge of different projects and their corresponding expectations. Previously, I found myself scattered, but the transparency and fantastic collaboration at fusionSpan has played a pivotal role in my technical and personal growth.

What do you think are 3 words to describe fusionSpan?

Diverse Culture, Trustworthy, Challenging

What do you like most about fusionSpan?

I’d highlight “The Culture at fusionSpan”, crafted by the collective efforts of the team members. Being part of such a diverse and inclusive environment is truly enjoyable. Collaborating with everyone on the team towards shared organizational goals is a rewarding experience. The transparent feedback and recognition for your contributions are among the best aspects here.

Favorite Animal and why?

I appreciate dogs for their loyalty, as faithfulness is a trait that reflects maturity. Similarly, my admiration for monkeys stems from their intelligence and high level of activity.

What is your dream meal or favorite food?

dream meal or favorite food

I have a fondness for indulging in Idli and Sambhar,  both of which I prepare personally.

How do you spend your free time?

I adhere to a rigorous skincare regimen, and I’m a devoted fan of the TV series “The Office.”

We Are Hiring!

fusionSpan is always looking for talented team members to join our global, growing, and diverse team! If you believe you are a good fit for one of our roles, or would simply like to see a list of open positions, check out our careers page today!

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Pallavi Barbate
Employee Spotlight – Anuja More

My name is Pallavi Barbate. I am a Senior People & Culture Generalist at fusionSpan. I have a Master's degree in HR and have a total of 10 years of experience in HR Operations, supporting companies build their processes and resources. I also specialize in global talent acquisition and have been supporting companies to build strong resources. I am a self-motivated person and working with cross-cultural people is my passion. I love to take time for my well-being and meditation.

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