Salesforce Summer ’20 & Fonteva ’20 Spring Release: What You Need To Know

Summer has arrived and Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 update is around the corner. After being delayed due to COVID-19, the Summer ‘20 update will be released to all production environments by July 20, 2020. The release offers a number of new features and changes including: dynamic forms, flow updates, and easier to use interfaces.

By Rose Palipalli | July 9, 2020
Use Automated Testing For Your Association Website

Your staff just went through an intensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process, and the shiny new website looks and performs as expected. You give the go ahead to the vendor to launch the site, and in most cases it is also the last time anyone tests all features of the website. Unless a team member or client notices an issue, no one is actively analyzing the site to ensure it maintains expected performance.

By Manav Kher | June 26, 2020
Managing Email Preferences – Lessons Learned

Last month I celebrated my one-year anniversary at fusionSpan as a Digital Strategy Business Analyst, which resulted in a plethora of celebratory emojis on the company’s internal Slack channel. (For anyone with Slack, I highly recommend the Party Parrot emojis!). My job is to help our clients with marketing automation implementations, ranging from Pardot and Marketing Cloud to Campaign Monitor and HubSpot.

By Susan Baumbach | June 4, 2020
Development Tips For Your PowerBI Dashboard

PowerBI is a powerful tool that is able to handle both data transformation and data visualization. In recent years, the developers behind PowerBI have introduced PowerBI online. A new cloud solution where offline PowerBI Desktop users can upload their dashboards and share it with other licensed users. While the new solution is quite useful, PowerBI does contain certain limitations that Desktop users should be aware of. This article aims at sharing tips on what Desktop users should pay attention to before uploading their dashboards

By Alan Luo | May 21, 2020
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