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PREZI: What is an API and why should I care?

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By Justin Burniske |July 23, 2015
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API: Application Programming Interface. A vague phrase that offers little insight if you’re not a computer science major, yet if you’ve spent any time around system vendors or website developers they’ve likely thrown the acronym around as if its taught in the third grade of every classroom in America. Fear not, we’ve created a Prezi (a free, online presentation tool) to help illustrate what API does and why it matters to your association members, staff and you!

Please note that Prezi is Flash based and therefore may require you to install flash or download the Prezi app on your mobile device.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at or leave a comment below. Want to customize the presentation for your staff? You’re welcome to visit, create a free account and then copy the presentation to customize for your audience. For more posts like this make sure to enter your email!

Justin Burniske
PREZI: What is an API and why should I care?

Justin serves as the Director of Enterprise Solutions at fusionSpan, bringing his experience implementing and overseeing an association management system for an education nonprofit. Additionally, he brings his positive, can-do attitude to any project on which he is working. Justin graduated from University of Maryland’s MBA program, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining fusionSpan, Justin taught middle school math and worked with education nonprofits. Also, he wants you to know he loves his family.

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