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What is Tableau CRM?

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By Manav Kher |March 15, 2022
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What is Tableau CRM and why you should look at Tableau CRM if you use Salesforce?

Salesforce launched an integrated business intelligence solution with Einstein analytics in 2016.

Subsequently Salesforce purchased the BI market leader when they acquired Tableau in 2019. That has lead to Salesforce renaming Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM. Its expected that more of Tableau’s rich feature set and visualization libraries will make its way into Tableau CRM

According to Salesforce: 

“Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) is a revolutionary customer and business analytics platform that’s optimized for mobile use and brings flexible customer analytics to your CRM. It works with any data, from any data source, and it will change the way your company answers critical questions.”

What is Tableau CRM

Tableau CRM has some unique features that are interesting to Salesforce customers:

  • Integrated solution: Tableau CRM is embedded into Salesforce CRM and BI dashboards can be embedded on various Salesforce pages.  
  • Predictive analytics: Tableau CRM can do regressive and predictive analytics, lead scoring and recommendations. 
  • Ease of use: Unlike other enterprise BI solutions, Einstein is very easy to setup and use, offering a wizard-based approach and automated data discovery to setup new dashboards.

Tableau vs. Tableau CRM?

According to the Salesforce FAQ, selecting Tableau vs. Tableau CRM will depend on your use case:

  • If you are looking for an enterprise-wide business intelligence solution, Tableau is the right product for you. Tableau offers an end-to-end analytics platform serving a broad range of enterprise use cases.
  • Tableau CRM is ideal for your team members who need their analytics deeply integrated throughout their Salesforce CRM, providing actionability and AI-driven insights natively in the platform. If you are looking to augment Salesforce Clouds with insights to drive productivity in the CRM workflow, Tableau CRM is the best product for you.

How does Tableau CRM compare to native Salesforce reports?

  • Reports and Dashboards provide an instant snapshot of the metrics that matter to your organization. It looks and behaves like Tableau CRM, but provides very different functionality.
  • Tableau CRM extends beyond Reports and Dashboards to give you new views into your data, end-to-end customer insight, and historical analytics. It can also help you find trends and make discoveries you weren’t specifically pursuing, making it a much stronger choice for data-driven decision-making.
Manav Kher
What is Tableau CRM?

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