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TABS Robust Experience for Members using Fonteva & Apps

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By Carla Yvonne Murphy |May 31, 2018

fusionSpan is proud to announce that The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is finally live with their new Fonteva AMS. Moving from a custom home grown solution to the Salesforce platform is a huge step forward for TABS and will vastly improve the experience for its staff and members.

About the Project

TABS selected Fonteva AMS and then chose fusionSpan as the implementation partner for this project.

We have been working with TABS since September 2017 to implement  Fonteva and are thrilled with the launch.  fusionSpan will continue to work with TABS in supporting their new AMS.

We wish TABS great success with the launch of their new AMS, which will better support their organization’s future growth and long-term goals.

Project Highlights

Using fusionSpan’s Custom Salesforce Apps, the new TABS Portal introduces a robust experience for their members.

The Membership Power Pack (MPP) App introduces granular controls around their membership products, such as when the membership can be renewed, and who can view and renew their membership.

The Roster App allows TABS members to update their employee contact information, and the ability to add new employees for their organization.

About TABS

The Association of Boarding Schools serves college-preparatory boarding schools in the United States, Canada, and around the globe. The Association leads a domestic and international effort to promote awareness and understanding of boarding schools and to expand the applicant pool for member institutions. Learn More

Carla Yvonne Murphy
TABS Robust Experience for Members using Fonteva & Apps

Carla Yvonne comes with about 20 years of global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience to oversee and scale people operations that affect team member experience and company culture. She is responsible for programs and initiatives that are focused on engagement, culture, total rewards, career development, DE&I, hiring top talent, and improving team member retention rate. She has previously led people teams, built HR infrastructure for start-ups, and helped prior organizations maintain their Best Places to Work status that received in total over 25 employer awards.

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