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Get More ROI From Your TechStack By Making A Salesforce Wishlist

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By Janel Carpenter |July 12, 2021
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The technology ecosystem has grown significantly since I started my career. There are stunning examples of what we can do with data and the right tools. Online meetings can now be captioned in real time for better accessibility. 3D printing, a data-hungry tech, is being used to build everything from human organs to houses.

Most of these technologies require specialized tools and significant R&D investments. How can a business user, and a member based organization in particular, use technology with the same power and reach? And more importantly, how can these technologies prove their worth with ROI?

Here are a few Salesforce Ecosystem Investments that are worth looking into, depending on your mission and type of organization!

Next Best Action

Next Best Action I’ve never implemented Next Best Action, but using a software service to implement a process I’ve manually written out in a strategy memo would be a welcome change of pace. Marketing processes using a Next Best Action strategy has been around for years. In general, those types of recommendations are rules based systems. For example, when a server offers you a specific wine to go with your meal, they are engaging in Next Best Action marketing.

As an organization looking to engage members, you can supercharge your recommendations by using Next Best Action powered by Einstein AI. The biggest feature to increase ROI is designing strategies for your Next Best Action recommendations. Combined with data about the customer, such as member loyalty or events attendance, you can increase the effectiveness of your service recommendations and create more customizable experiences for your members. Create your own reports to measure your success or use a package of preconfigured reports from the AppExchange.


My entry into the tech space was through data management and analysis. Data is an organization’s most important asset, but a key part of evaluating your key metrics is proper attribution. For organizations serving a large constituency, campaign attribution can be a painstaking task if you don’t have the right software.


Datorama has a data model optimized for campaign attribution and uses machine learning to process data, saving the most time-consuming step in the data analysis routine. Personally, reformatting and manipulating data is a little like knitting to me, but if there’s a better, more efficient way to process data, I’d welcome the chance to focus on big questions rather than repetitive tasks. The biggest ROI of a tool like Datorama is the time savings, but customers using Datorama have also reported huge gains in customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores.

Prediction Builder

I’ll be honest. I’ve never had the opportunity to build a prediction, but I want to. As you can see with Datorama above, data is an organization’s most valuable asset. Predictive analytics is another reason to collect and manage actionable data, and fusionSpan has expertise in implementing data migration/transformation as well as business process automation to ensure relevant data is captured.

The most straightforward predictions that you can build using Salesforce’s Einstein Prediction Builder are centered around Sales, e.g. who is likely to buy X product, or who is likely to respond to a discount code. However, you can also build more complex predictions such as college graduation rates.

Prediction Builder

For more use cases, you can check out Salesforce’s Guide to AI and see how companies are applying AI to their day-to-day. Remember, implementing solutions like these is where we can help!

Increase Your Salesforce Ecosystem ROI With fusionSpan

I started my career as a non-profit admin. My official title was Business and Operations Coordinator, which on a staff of 7 meant that I could be entering data one day and cleaning out a storage room or replacing a light fixture the next. I was fortunate to have a great mentor who gave me plenty of opportunities to develop as many skills as possible.

However, as someone who is focused on getting things done, I’ve always asked for more tools and expertise to meet the demands of my organization’s mission. Spending money, though, is not something to be done for the sake of a novelty or a fad. Return on Investment is a significant factor in deciding what technology to invest in and what useful application a “cool” tech can have. See what kind of tools can help you reach your goals by getting in touch with the fusionSpan team today!

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Janel Carpenter
Get More ROI From Your TechStack By Making A Salesforce Wishlist

Janel joined fusionSpan in December 2020, and has played a supporting role in implementations and began developing Salesforce Flow for Event Exhibitor Applications. Janel graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Creative Writing/English and a minor in History, and also holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is a Certified Salesforce Admin. In her free time she enjoys running with her dog, cooking, reading, and watching (and rewatching) documentaries, MCU, and pretty much anything else!