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Everything You Need to Know About Refunds and Credits in Fonteva’s 23 Winter Release

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By Maira Valencia |June 14, 2023
Fonteva’s 23 Winter release

Hello Fonteva Users!

Fonteva’s 23 Winter release is right around the corner!

Our team here at fusionSpan took part in the Bug Bash! We’ve poured through all the documentation and we’re bringing you our favorite features from this upcoming release. As always, our team is here to support your organization with not only details on the upcoming release, but also our Managed Services team is here to help support you when you’re ready for your organization to upgrade to the newest Fonteva release!

Fonteva’s 23 Winter Release

Updated Refund Process

Fonteva’s 23 Winter release is adding several new features to the refund process. These will both improve staff experience and will provide flexibility for refunds so your members are better supported. Several of these new features include:

1. New and Improved Refund Pages:

Fonteva takes a new approach to the refund process with an enhanced experience for staff when creating/processing refunds.

Updated Refund Process

The new refund page layout allows staff more control than ever before – at a granular level. This includes the seamless ability for staff to select which portions of the previous Sales Order to refund – right down to the item and even shipping!

Updated Refund Process

This is one of our favorite enhancements in the entire release, as it streamlines the refund process. In previous releases, staff members would have to go to each sales order line and modify amounts or exclude SOLs that were not being refunded.

The new refund page also comes with additional action buttons that can be added to your Fonteva Sales Order Page Layouts.

Updated Refund Process

These buttons include:

  • Save and Exit: Allows staff to modify the current Sales Order or create the refund but not post it
  • Process and Exit: Once the refund creation is ready to be posted, staff can select “Process & Exit” which will process the refund and then bring the staff member to the posted receipt
  • Process and Adjust Invoice (Not Pictured): This button does all the regular refund processes, but it also adjusts the related invoice (Just Posting Entity Invoice)
2. Automatic Refund Calculations for Deferred Items:

Fonteva’s new refund page allows staff to view the start and end dates set at the item level. This allows for a quick viewing of the amount recognized to date and the amount remaining

3. Additional types of deferred refunds:
  • Items being refunded that is setup to have revenue recognition (ex. Membership Items, Subscription Items)
  • Fonteva has also added functionality which helps apply which type of refund should be applied including:

Additional types of deferred refunds

  • Custom: This can include a different amount than the total or a prorated amount based on the deferred revenue
  • Full: A full refund is just what it sounds like, as it allows for a full refund of the entire amount paid
  • Prorated: A prorated refund allows staff to create and process refunds that have not yet been recognized, allowing for only the remaining portion to be refunded
4. Choosing Refund Method:

Staff now have the flexibility to not only return the refund to the original form of payment, but now they can also select offline refunds, including, among other things, checks, which can then be returned by mail!

Additional types of deferred refunds
  • Offline Refund: Fonteva’s 23 Winter release also includes a new feature which allows organizations to create “Offline Refunds.” Part of this new feature allows for staff to add “Offline Refunds Payable Account” which will allow for properly created adjustments

Offline Refund

5. Refund to Credit Memo Functionality:

The long awaited refund to credit memo functionality is finally here!

Staff now have the ability to refund the credit memo and it comes with the new action button on the Receipt Page “Refund to Credit Memo.” This allows staff to enable the picklist value in the new refund page.

Refund to Credit Memo Functionality

This action automatically generates a credit memo record which will then be tied to the Sales Order.

Refund to Credit Memo Functionality

The Credit Memo will now be available to use at the account level!

The Credit Memo will now be available to use at the account level!

Credit Memo Enhancements

In addition to staff being able to refund to Credit Memos, Credit Memos are also getting new features that improve functionality with Fonteva’s 23 Winter release. These features allow for additional flexibility when working with members/users.

These features include:

  • Voiding/Writing off Credit Memos: Staff have the ability to write off inactive credit memos and any unused credits or credit memos can be voided. This will be ideal for organizations that have use cases where the Account Credits expire after a certain amount of time
  • Automatically moving funds to a credit memo (via item)
  • Refunding Credit Memo
  • Credit Memo Reporting
Credit Memo Enhancements

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what Fonteva’s 23 Winter release has in store for Refunds and Credits, but there’s still more to come! Stay tuned for our follow-up blog later this month, where our fusionSpan team dives into the new features rolling out for Lighting Campaigns.
And, of course, our team here at fusionSpan is always here to speak with your organization about how we can support your transition from your current Fonteva version to Fonteva’s 23 Winter release. Please reach out to with any questions you might have.

Maira Valencia
Everything You Need to Know About Refunds and Credits in Fonteva’s 23 Winter Release

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