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Bio: Justin serves as the Director of Enterprise Solutions at fusionSpan, bringing his experience implementing and overseeing an association management system for an education nonprofit. Additionally, he brings his positive, can-do attitude to any project on which he is working. Justin graduated from University of Maryland’s MBA program, and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining fusionSpan, Justin taught middle school math and worked with education nonprofits. Also, he wants you to know he loves his family.

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VIDEO BLOG: Moving your association to focus Outside-In

Posted on: 04 Aug 2015

Here we dive further into what steps association’s can take now to become more member focused. Did you miss part 1 of the conversation? Dr. Caraveli is a managing partner at the Demand Networks, and author of a recently published a book called The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside.

PREZI: What is an API and why should I care?

Posted on: 23 Jul 2015

API: Application Programming Interface. A vague phrase that offers little insight if you’re not a computer science major, yet if you’ve spent any time around system vendors or website developers they’ve likely thrown the acronym around as if its taught in the third grade of every classroom in America. Fear not, we’ve created a Prezi (a […]

VIDEO: Association Engagement – returning to members

Posted on: 15 Jul 2015

Part 1 of our conversation focuses on common mistakes associations make around engagement. Make sure to sign up to receive email notifications from the Microstaff blog to make sure you’re notified about Part 2 of our conversation as well as all our other great content.

Your association is using Twitter wrong – and that’s okay

Posted on: 22 Jun 2015

Scanning a list of the top 100 Twitter account and you’ll find a lot of singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities. Only a handful of accounts are branded as organization accounts. Organizations that do break into the top 100 represent social media companies, news organizations, and sporting groups (while an association does come in at […]

Syncing your sites – is it worth the cost?

Posted on: 13 May 2015

With technology today almost anything can be automated. Yet so many organization are unwilling to invest capital to automate mundane tasks in order to save their employee’s time – updating multiple contact lists with the same information, generating website content after entering the same information in their database, etc. Why? For many organizations they view employee […]

Connecting with Users

Posted on: 12 Mar 2015

I recently had the opportunity to present at AUDC in Austin, TX during their Ignite session. The Ignite session requires individuals to present 20 slides, each slide appearing for only 15 seconds, resulting in a five minute presentation. Given the speed of the slides, presenters were encouraged to use more pictures and fewer words so I […]