Tips for Association Professionals Working with Consultants

When I joined fusionSpan almost a year ago, I joined the IT consulting world, which was different from the association world where I had been for the past five years. During my time working in associations, I worked in the membership department which consisted of a variety of tasks focusing mainly on membership growth, membership engagement, membership retention and continuing education course development.

By Meghan Durbin | July 30, 2020
Use Automated Testing For Your Association Website

Your staff just went through an intensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process, and the shiny new website looks and performs as expected. You give the go ahead to the vendor to launch the site, and in most cases it is also the last time anyone tests all features of the website. Unless a team member or client notices an issue, no one is actively analyzing the site to ensure it maintains expected performance.

By Manav Kher | June 26, 2020
PODCAST: How Working From Home Is Changing with Rebecca Achurch

In this podcast fusionSpan’s Justin Burniske discusses work from home benefits with Rebecca Achurch from Achurch Consulting, as well as what changes could come from this period of forced remote work. Rebecca also discusses protocols and guidelines companies can use to help set the company and their employees up for success when remote working.

By Justin Burniske | June 11, 2020
Managing Email Preferences – Lessons Learned

Last month I celebrated my one-year anniversary at fusionSpan as a Digital Strategy Business Analyst, which resulted in a plethora of celebratory emojis on the company’s internal Slack channel. (For anyone with Slack, I highly recommend the Party Parrot emojis!). My job is to help our clients with marketing automation implementations, ranging from Pardot and Marketing Cloud to Campaign Monitor and HubSpot.

By Susan Baumbach | June 4, 2020
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