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How To Make Event Check-In A Seamless Process

By Gayathri Kher |April 17, 2015

One of the burning questions that every meeting organizer wants the answer to is “What do my conference attendees want?”

Attendees are demanding more value out of in-person meetings. Now more than ever, associations need to make meetings more interactive to enhance attendees’ conference experience and keep them coming back year after year.  So how do we provide a creative experience that offers individualized attention, adds value, and provide bountiful networking opportunities?

We are not going to tackle all of these concerns in this blog post but will focus on a tool that creates a great experience at attendee check-in that will leave a lasting impression on your attendee.

EnterExpressPass Check-in™ from Expo Logic

EExpressPass-hidden printersxpressPass Check-In is a great solution to a few problems most associations have – long lines at attendee check-in, lost or misplaced registration packets, and more . To be honest – Check-In is where many events fall down, crash burn. This is also where most dedicated event registration systems fall short because this is not the CORE of what they do. Those systems do a great job of registering people online… check-in seems like an after thought.

What is needed is a tool that allows for attendees to check-in in a simple, straight forward manner, and hands the attendee everything they need to go on and enjoy the wonderful conference you have worked so hard to plan! That is what ExpressPass Check-in aims to do.

Here is what ExpressPass Check-In does (I am paraphrasing Expo Logic’s language):

  • Barcoded (QR code) e-mail confirmations
  • On-site stations for QR code scanning from printed document or mobile device
  • Self-service attendee check-in
  • Prints out attendee badge and tickets in a matter of seconds
  • Real-time attendance verification

ExpressPass is not a registration system, but it compliments the one that you already have. Expo Logic has has built-in integrations with over a dozen popular CRM/AMS platforms namely  netFORUM (Pro and Enterprise), Personify, Aptify, ACGI, MemberSuite, and Certain Software. In addition they also integrate with popular event registration platforms like EventBrite. And if you do not have a registration system, Expo Logic has a product that can help.

Now – Here is the reality. This is NOT the right solution for every event, but for most it will be a welcome relief.

Check out this video that explains how ExpressPass works!

Gayathri Kher

Gayathri is co-founder and President of fusionSpan, a technology consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of small staff Non-Profit associations. She has extensive experience in evaluating current IT infrastructure for small-staff associations and assisting them in implementing solutions that are scalable based on future needs. Prior to co-founding fusionSpan, Gayathri headed up the Information Technology department at the National Genealogical Society and also worked at the Association of American Geographers.

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