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Step 5 of Your AMS Journey: Discovery

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By Noel Shatananda |November 25, 2020
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By this stage of Your AMS Journey, you have made all the crucial decisions regarding choosing a new product and implementation partner. With your platform and partner selected, now it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. To begin, you will engage in a discovery.

Clients are often unable to understand the need for a detailed discovery. Organizations will believe that their conversations with a salesperson, or even the RFP responses, should be adequate for the project to begin. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case.

Clients are often unable to understand the need for a detailed discovery

The discovery is an opportunity for the implementation teams of both the client representatives and the Systems Integrator (SI) to learn about the tactics needed to implement the AMS and see what is needed to bring the vision to reality.

In the previous post, I mentioned concentrating on the ‘what.’ This is the time to get into the ‘how.’ Here are some items to think about as your begin the discovery phase:

Take The Needed Time

Take The Needed Time

Contemplate taking the necessary time to go through a deep and thorough discovery. Rushing a discovery will lead to an implementation that will be incomplete and potentially fail.

Imagine not spending time going through the architectural plans when you want to build a house. Moving rooms around after the build is impossible.

Share The Good With The Bad

During our discoveries, we frequently hear in great detail about all the failures of the existing AMS. We recommend that clients be comprehensive and share what works, as well as what does not. We want to ensure that we implement a product that alleviates the legacy system’s pain points and provides and maintains the functionality that has worked.

Core Team Is Key

The involvement of the core team is key to success. In our previous step of the process, we introduce the core team and highlight its key members.

The core team needs to provide the SI with the processes and pain points they face in each area and department of their association. They will be the ones signing off and accepting the various modules of the product implementation later. Their acceptance has a direct impact on adoption across the organization.

Seeing Is Believing

During the discovery meetings, the client should demonstrate the old system and processes to the systems integrator. In turn, the SI should demonstrate stock product functionality to the client.

The demonstrations can be short but will help the Core Team visualize the solution and buy-in quicker.

Solutions, Please!

As you go through the discovery, please ensure that the requirements are captured in-depth with adequate solutions. They could be stock product features or customizations that might be required to support your organization’s particular needs.

Document Everything & Sign Off

Having strong documentation of the required solutions is key to success, as they serve as the scope that drives the project’s acceptance criteria later on.

Ensure there is a sign-off of the relevant modules of discovery documentation by the appropriate department. This provides the opportunity for each department to own their piece of the implementation process. It also guarantees that each department actively participates in the implementation process and later champions the adoption within their own department.

The point of a discovery session is to highlight what you have, what your organization wants, and what you need to move forward. Remember, the discovery is an opportunity for the implementation team of both the client representatives and the systems integrator to learn about the tactics needed to implement your new AMS platform.

Do not hesitate to reach out to fusionSpan for additional resources, and stay tuned for the upcoming blogs as we jump further into the implementation process!

Noel Shatananda
Step 5 of Your AMS Journey: Discovery

Noel enjoys collaborative environments and is driven by the challenges of a growing industry. He values putting client goals first, explaining, “When we enable clients to be the best they can be, the company automatically benefits; it’s simply the by-product of fully enabling passionate human beings.” Noel heads up the Delivery Team and is constantly working to strategically move fusionSpan forward toward its vision of bridging gaps through technology.

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