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Your AMS Journey: Selection to Adoption – Step 12: We Are Live, Just Relax Right?

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By Noel Shatananda |April 1, 2021
Association Management Solutions (AMS)Best Practices

You are live, have gone through the go live challenges, and have worked on the other phases whereby the implementation project can be closed. What now?

Here are a few items to consider:

Expand Training Expand Training

Spend time developing training materials, and put a system in place for keeping the training materials up to date as business processes change. Contemplate what new staff members will use to learn the AMS. Consider not relying on tribal knowledge to take you forward.

Keep Up With Updates

In the technology sphere, things are always changing. Establish a team within the organization that will keep up with the testing and adoption of current versions of the AMS and software patches.

Associations that make the effort to keep up with this tend to get the best return on investment from their AMS.

Adopt New Features

Software continuously evolves. Seriously consider adopting new features that are relevant to your business. While this can be a mini project in itself, it is worth the effort to ensure all data resides in a centralized repository. Ultimately, this will give you the most value.

Engage in the Community

Contemplate engaging in your AMS’ user community to have a voice in the new features that the AMS should include in its product roadmap. Work with other associations like yourself to push for an agenda that considers the advancements of the platform.

Be a Reference

If you are happy with your AMS, consider posting positive reviews and being a reference for your AMS vendor. The same applies to your systems integrator as well. Collaboration always pays off in the long run.

Thanks For Following Along!

While our AMS Journey is over, working with your new AMS will never stop! Check out the previous blogs in this series for a full list of resources and tips regarding your AMS selection and adoption.

For all of your CRM questions and needs, do not hesitate to reach out to our talented team here at fusionSpan!

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Noel Shatananda
Your AMS Journey: Selection to Adoption – Step 12: We Are Live, Just Relax Right?

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