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Preparing for the Salesforce Spring ’20 Patch

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By Steve Brodt |February 27, 2020
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What is Happening

If you use Salesforce or a platform built on the system, then you are probably well aware of the Salesforce Spring ‘20 release, which came out on February 17, 2020. Although the releases are a regular Salesforce event, the latest one contains a security patch, which may require a little extra attention.

Patching normally involves installing the patch and conducting a full round of testing of all your customizations to ensure that nothing was impacted. However, there is always the chance that something is missed or an unexpected complication happens. While the Spring ‘20 release brings expanded innovations across the entire Customer 360 platform, it warrants a look at your current Salesforce/Association Management System (AMS) platform.

Patch Details

In today’s age of unsecure data and wireless breaches, Salesforce’s latest update is improving it’s platform and security. The new release brings a plethora of great features and innovations across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. As certain Association Management Systems such as Fonteva are built on the Salesforce platform, it is imperative to fully prepare for the release in the best possible way. At fusionSpan, we are able to provide the peace of mind that comes with a fully-functional AMS through actions such as:

  • Refreshing your testing environment
  • Implementing the patch
  • Carrying out testing in sandboxes
  • Resolving the resulting issues
  • Deploying the patch
  • Conducting all post-deployment tests, and so on

Since the Spring ‘20 release will affect different users in different ways, be sure to check out Salesforce release notes to see how the update affects your organization

Your Next Steps

Since the patch date is near, there is no better time than now to begin implementing it within your AMS. If your staff does not have the time to handle the impact of the Spring ‘20 release or Fonteva security patch, do not worry! Reach out to us here at fusionSpan for all of your AMS Consulting needs. We will work closely with you to develop a detailed plan and testing schedule to implement either patch.

Steve Brodt
Preparing for the Salesforce Spring ’20 Patch

Steve joined the fusionSpan team as a Salesforce Business Analyst in January 2020. Specializing in Customer Success and business agility, he serves as a solution crafter and project planner, among other as-needed roles. Outside of the office, Steve focuses on cultivating good conversation, being a worthy partner for his wife, and raising his son on mythology, archaeology, and gaming.