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PODCAST: Adam Thocher from AAPOR

I got to talk with Adam Thocher about his new position as Executive Director at the American Association for Public Opinion Research and what it’s like being a part of an Association Management Company (AMC). We also discussed what the “perfect” association technology would look like, what his organization is going to focus on in the near future, and why millennials should be thinking about when joining an association in their field. You can find the…

By Justin Burniske | October 30, 2015
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PODCAST: Talking with Edward Grandi from the National Genealogical Society

I got a chance to sit down with Edward Grandi, the Executive Director of the National Genealogical Society. We talked about his approach to leadership, how he works to get the most out of a small staff organization, and what are some of the things front of mind for him going forward. Make sure to follow NGS on twitter @ngsgenealogy. You can find the podcast both on as well as on iTunes here. Make sure to…

By Justin Burniske | October 1, 2015
Backup and Disaster Recovery for a Small Office

A little while back we were looking for a backup solution for our office. We have a small network of about 10 computers and it’s a mix of Mac OS X and Windows 7/8 workstations and a couple of Linux servers. Our main criteria for finding a good solution were ease of use and cost. Ease of Use: Is important otherwise people go back to manually copying important files and not using a backup when…

By Manav Kher | June 12, 2015
Syncing your sites – is it worth the cost?

With technology today almost anything can be automated. Yet so many organization are unwilling to invest capital to automate mundane tasks in order to save their employee’s time – updating multiple contact lists with the same information, generating website content after entering the same information in their database, etc. Why? For many organizations they view employee salaries as a sunk cost, something they were going to spend money on regardless, where as investing $7,500 in technology…

By Justin Burniske | May 13, 2015
Prioritization: Part 1

When you take into consideration the limited resources you have with a small staff association, it is more important than ever to prioritize. It is easy to go through the motions of your day and not think about prioritizing but by allotting time to this task, you can maximize your staff’s time and resources by deleting obsolete tasks and replacing them with ones that will have a bigger impact. Follow these guidelines to arrange your…

By Linh Hoang | September 9, 2013