Dear Betty: Back to School!

  Dear Betty: Fall always makes me think of back to school, school supplies, and learning new things. What do I need to add to my marketing backpack for success this fall? Gentle Reader: There’s nothing like that first hint of coolness in the breeze, that first crisp night, and those first few falling leaves to put one in mind of new Trapper Keepers, knee socks, and cutting up paper bags to cover one’s books,…

By Dear Betty | September 19, 2014
Happy Holidays from fusionSpan

It’s 5 days until Christmas and we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of our friends, fans, and future followers. We launched the Small Staff Big Impact blog in September 2013 in the hopes that we could leverage our expertise and the expertise of others in the industry to help small staff associations do more with less. We are ecstatic with the amount of support and success of this blog…

By Linh Hoang | December 20, 2013
Designating Staff for Social Media

Communication skills are important to all aspects of life, including work. It doesn’t matter if your expertise is in political science, economics or journalism – everyone needs to be able to communicate. This means anyone within your organization can be tapped to work on your organization’s social media campaign. How do you find the right person within your organization? First, get to know your staff’s social media skills. If you already have a staff member…

By Alexi Turbow | November 26, 2013
Birth of a Blog

Those of us in the association world know that the needs of small staff associations are not very different from the larger organizations. All of us are faced with much of the same dilemmas and challenges. In staff meetings and discussions with colleagues we often find ourselves in the midst of a variety of topics including How do we improve member retention and engagement? How do we increase our annual meeting attendance? Who should be…

By Gayathri Kher | September 9, 2013