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My Downloads allows customers to view/access their digital assets within the customer portal, regardless of file type. Quickly configure download link labels, table display settings, and more. Access to digital assets can be protected by Badge status or Item settings.

My Downloads
- Transcript -

Stephen St. John: hi everyone, this is Stephen St john and I am a solutions consultant here at fusion span.

Stephen St. John: Today i’m going to be doing a short video just to walk you through my download, which is one of the accelerators that our team has developed.

Stephen St. John: But my downloads it’s been created to allow Members to be able to access their online content that they purchased to the store.

Stephen St. John: or they may have been given as part of a benefit to any type of membership or any type of you know event registration.

Stephen St. John: So today i’m going to be walking you through two different ways the the downloads can be added to the console so for this example I am logged in as Tom Brady.

Stephen St. John: So we are already in the death my downloads section so as you can see here, this is where they would show up, so this is part of the customer Community so first off what we’re going to do is we’re going to open the store.

Stephen St. John: So what are we trying to showcase here is a member goes in and buy something that is you know, going to be an e download so we know that a lot of customers utilize this when there are any type of E newsletters or for this example i’m online magazine.

Stephen St. John: So from here, we are going to add this online at magazines, to the order and we are going to proceed to checkout.

Stephen St. John: Now this is using the standards on tivo lightning community.

Stephen St. John: So this functionality just adding it to the cart yeah we can now go to check out and once we click on checkout it is going to take us to the standard checkout page.

Stephen St. John: So from here what it’s going to do, is it is going to be showcasing our overall card and then we’re going to be able to pay via credit card.

Stephen St. John: There are multiple different types of payment methods, depending on how your individual store is configured.

Stephen St. John: So for this example we’ll put in our test credit card, and we will process our payments.

Stephen St. John: Now, by using the standard on TV store you would be able to view the receipt you’re also going to get an email to your contacts, but we want to come back here to the download section so from this page, we can refresh the screen.

Stephen St. John: And once we do so you’re going to see that the online magazine has this ability to click to download and this is where your Members to come in, they can access their specific content as you see, we just have a picture here as an example.

Stephen St. John: The other piece that I wanted to highlight, for this is that you are able to also and based on badges so the way that the my downloads works as a whole is that there is a badge workflow that is assigned to the individual item.

Stephen St. John: This is great, because this can also be assigned to individual event, it could also be assigned honestly just to you know if you needed a subset of the committee members needed to get access to certain documents.

Stephen St. John: So when we collected Tom brady’s you can see there’s zero badges, we need to refresh and once we refresh and you can see, there is the one badge from the online magazine that was purchased.

Stephen St. John: So if I wanted to come in here as a staff member and let’s say that a committee Member needed to access certain information.

Stephen St. John: or they had some sort of event workflow you could come in and individually at the batch type so for this second example that we have, it is the research report back.

Stephen St. John: As I mentioned, this could be assigned to an event, this could be based on a committee that they are a part of it could obviously as i’m doing now be able to assign the manual.

Stephen St. John: So from here i’m going to click save.

Stephen St. John: And as you can see, now we have two different badges, both of which are active.

Stephen St. John: So when I come back to Tom Brady and I refresh the screen.

Stephen St. John: As you can see, now we accelerate a data sheet is also here, because it is tied to that research report batch so when we click the download, as you can see, this is a different piece of information.

Stephen St. John: So I will be following up with a short email, please let us know if you have any additional questions, thank you.

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