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Hand flips a block changing 2020 to 2021. New year beginning. Holidays and Christmas.
The One New Year’s Resolution Every Association Should Make
By Meghan Durbin | January 13, 2021Best PracticesTech Talk

As we close 2020 and move into 2021, association leaders may be looking for ways to increase their organizational efficiencies – a kind of new year’s resolution. Association leaders should resolve to review how technology supports the organization’s processes. Unfortunately, many organizations delay examining their use of technology, taking an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach,... read more

Keys To Ensure Growth For Your Remote Team
By Meghan Durbin | May 28, 2020customers needsPersonal Developmentteleworking

While working remotely was a sudden adjustment for many, organizations have been able to make teleworking the new normal and catch their breath. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic might have accelerated remote teams by years! As each business adjusts procedures and processes to ensure productivity while staff works from home, there is a great opportunity for virtual teams... read more

Technique for Technical Writing
By Meghan Durbin | February 6, 2020How-ToTech Talktechnology

Technical Writing? Let’s start by answering the question – what is technical writing? It’s typically defined as writing direction, instruction, or explanation for specific technological and occupational fields. What used to just be creating how to manuals has evolved into encompassing all sorts of documentation for technical processes; it’s a way of communicating steps for technology in a... read more