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At fusionSpan, we have the system expertise and the business know-how to help you move forward.

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Why fusionSpan?

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WHY fusionSpan?

Our digital strategy team understands that a single website or platform is just one stopping point on the entire customer journey. We are passionate about creating meaningful digital spaces that elevate your audiences’ priorities and organizational strategies. 

Our expertise in information and creative design is backed up by an unstoppable team of technologists. We can move your organization from vision to inception through our tried and true methodology for extracting purpose, requirements, and functional expectations. 

Customer journeys are at the core of every strategy project. Our clients’ users traverse seamlessly across a variety of platforms and experiences including netForum, Impexium, Salesforce, Dynamics, WordPress, and more.

Contact us today for a consultation to talk about how to plan for your own digital transformation.

Website Development

fusionSpan brings websites to life through an iterative process that aligns organizational goals to functional demands for your online presence. Our user experience team creates components that surface your content effectively while our creative team elevates your brand. Our technical developers make it all possible with flexible, easily managed sites that will grow with your organization.

Marketing Automation

Email communication is still the glue that holds the user experience together for many organizations. Membership-based groups largely depend on email for distribution of information and calls to action, and data shows that the single biggest and most consistent driver of website traffic is, indeed, email. fusionSpan’s digital marketing strategist can help you select, configure, and optimize a variety of platforms including Pardot, Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more. 

Single Sign On

Single-Sign-On (SSO) can feel a bit like a mystery to many organizations, but it is really just as straightforward as it sounds. Website users login to the website and they are then dynamically identified through a connection to customer data. This identification allows organizations to provide access and experiences that are tailored to the unique relationship that the user has with the organization. We are skilled with all AMS and CRM tools including Impexium, Salesforce, netForum, Dynamics, and more.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Charting the course of digital spaces and larger transformations is daunting. Organizations often struggle to understand the options as well as the implications. fusionSpan has a seasoned team of digital strategists who can help create a roadmap for the future and recommend foundational changes that will ensure success.

Creative Design

fusionSpan engages in story-based creative design practices to build a unique visual direction that honors your organization’s brand while inspiring users to engage with you online. We use common work products like style guides and prototypes to create a direction that elevates your content while satisfying user needs.

Information Architecture

Our user experience team will create information structure that follows both best practices as well as the mental model used by your users to prioritize content. Deliverables like sitemaps and wireframes will help your team validate our recommendations iteratively throughout our process so that the final product is a direct reflection of agreed-upon and sustainable site structure.

Hosting and Support

fusionSpan can help ensure that your implementation of NetForum follows industry best practices to better secure your membership data. Proper system configuration, penetration testing, and static code analysis provides insights that allow your association to better understand your NetForum Implementation’s attack surface, that fusionSpan can help remediate..

Content Strategy

Nonprofit organizations are driven by content, whether it be educational, scientific, promotional, or purely informational. fusionSpan creates content-forward digital spaces that provide a framework for site or system launches while paving a path for growth in the future. We create a content audit, content plan, and content model that gives your team all the tools you need to launch and maintain a relevant, superior digital space.

Search Engine Optimization

Content truly is king. We work with your team to leverage the Search Engine Optimization tools that are part of every fusionSpan implementation. We focus on the foundational disciplines around SEO including keyword density, accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and overall optimization.

We use SEO Yoast as our optimization plugin and train your team on how to use Yoast to test and tweak your content for its best performance.

fusionSpan will also work with your team to be sure you are using the elements of your site to drive traffic to your content priorities.


User Research

fusionSpan focuses on the types of user research that get you the most bang for your buck. We conduct content sorting and user interviews or focus groups to lay a critical path for content priorities and user experiences.

Creative Design

Our rock star creative designers tell your story through visual elements. We create tell your story in non-technical terms. Our designer interprets that story in design that reflects your brand and your nature.

Blast Off

We hit the ground running with internal stakeholder sessions and user research tasks that drive our work product. Expect an immediate response from our team. We kick off and then quickly start work.

Build and Launch

Our team works in agile sprints to provide a constant window into our work. Your team will see work early and often. By the time we get to launch, you will know your product and its inner workings from top to bottom.

Salesforce Driven Website

fusionSpan specializes in developing CRM driven websites. With our full service design and web development team, and our deep knowledge of Salesforce, we are able to integrate your association website and Salesforce Community Portal with Single Sign On (SSO) and Uniform Look and feel.

We can also drive content on the public facing website with data from Salesforce.

Uniform Look & Feel

Public Website (CMS)

Member Portal (Salesforce)

Hosting Partners

Monthly Hosting plans

Once your website is created, we offer monthly plans to host your website and provide useful insight analytics on your visitors.

Choose Your Plan
Website Hosting 99.5% uptimeYes
Dedicated Staging and Live SitesYes
Real Time monitoringYes
Speed optimized pagesYes
Automated Security PatchesYes
Automated Software UpdatesYes
Daily backupsYes
Monthly Analytics report_
Monthly Performance reports_
Ongoing Search Engine Optimization_
Monthly web development/updatesHourly

Choose Your Plan
Website Hosting 99.5% uptimeYes
Dedicated Staging and Live SitesYes
Real Time monitoringYes
Speed optimized pagesYes
Automated Security PatchesYes
Automated Software UpdatesYes
Plugin UpdatesMonthly
Daily backupsYes
Monthly Analytics reportYes
Monthly Performance reportsYes
Ongoing Search Engine OptimizationYes
Monthly web development/updates
3 Hours Included

Site Maintenance

One of the persistent problem with association websites is that they become outdated over time. The CMS and other software infrastructure running the website becomes obsolete and then is very difficult to upgrade. To alleviate this problem, we perform monthly updates to all the websites we maintain. This is followed by a full round of testing to make sure everything works as intended. Recurring testing ensures that elements that are broken on the website are quickly discovered and fixed.

A monthly status report is emailed to you, which has
  • Current site performance evaluation
  • Details on what software was updated
  • Snapshot of the site traffic over the last month
  • Broken link report

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Development Expertise

At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.