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What is Digital Strategy?


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Digital Experiences Across Platforms

Creating a digital strategy is more than understanding technology. It’s about understanding the nuances of your business, the unique needs of your members, and marrying that with your technical capabilities. When we understand these three pillars of your organization, we can develop a future-proof digital strategy that can guide your member’s experience for years to come.

Our Focus is on People First

We believe that outcomes and experience should drive your technology selection, not the other way around.

Understanding who you are

No one knows your organization better than you do. To develop a strategy that meets your business goals, we need to understand your in-depth knowledge and unique perspective.

Understanding your unique audiences

 We want to understand your audience’s goals and motivations, and create an ideal digital experience that exceeds their needs and expectations.

Understanding your technologies

Once the vision is set, it’s time to deliver by defining technical needs, leveraging your capabilities, and supplementing with our expertise.

Our Digital Strategy Toolkit

User Research

Understanding your audience is paramount, we can’t design for people we don’t understand.

User Research Methodologies
Qualitative and quantitative research tools to understand the goals, motivations, and expectations of your audiences.

Journey Maps
Visual representation of the digital and non-digital touchpoints a user has with your ecosystem, highlighting goals, motivations, and pain points.

Defined archetypes of your audiences used to inform digital strategy decisions throughout your digital ecosystem.

User Experience Design

Designing your experience by leveraging the research, data-driven decision making, and design best practices.

Information Architecture
Site maps, visual hierarchies and process flows to ensure the optimal delivery of information.

Visual representation of the core elements of a web page or application, allowing for the planning and development of the site’s structure and functionality.

Visual Design and Brand Alignment
Full color, high quality design artifacts that bring your website, application, or experience to life.

Content Strategy

Getting your content to the people who need it, where they are looking for it.

Content Development
Target your audiences with what they need to know, when they need to know it, and along the best distribution channels.

Marketing Automation
Select, configure, and optimize, and design campaigns with a variety of platforms including Pardot, Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more.

Digital Ecosystem: Define and Design

Designing your Ecosystem

Understanding all of your digital platforms, how users move between and across them, and designing the ideal experience for your system as a whole.

UX and Brand Alignment

Ensuring brand and UX standards permeate across platforms in your digital ecosystem so that users are always aware of where they are in the system and how to take their next step.

Roadmapping your vision

Transitioning your vision into action, creating plans and roadmaps for technical development, platform selections, and organizational change management.

Technology that Supports People

With your experiences and outcomes defined, we can make technology choices for you with confidence and an eye towards the future. We can begin implementing technology solutions that facilitate a seamless, expertly designed experience across your platforms, ensuring users are successful and their data is shared safely and securely between systems.

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