AMSFest – Up close with an AMS

fusionSpan was at AMSFest, put on by Teri Carden, founder of It’s an intimate event where association professionals can get an up-close look at a bunch of different AMS (association management systems) vendors all in one place. They also can talk with industry partners (like fusionSpan) about what the trends are and what they should have on their radar. Very informative for both organizations beginning the process of moving to a new AMS as…

By Justin Burniske | September 22, 2016
PODCAST: Business Intelligence Tools with Mike Fletcher

Talking business intelligence (BI) tools with Mike Fletcher, the Director of Information Technology at the Endocrine Society. Mike recently went through the process of finding a BI tool, ultimately deciding on Power BI. We discuss why he wanted a BI tool, the process of picking a BI tool, some of the advantages the tool offers over using Excel, and features that you should consider when picking your own tool. 

By Justin Burniske | August 15, 2016
Documentation: Good for Work and Travel!

Hello Small Staff Big Impact. I’m baack! I’ve spent the better part of the last year traveling around Australia and SE Asia. I’ve met a lot of great people and learned many things. As part of my experience, I held some interesting jobs to supplement my travel income, including crew on a 43 foot yacht and farm hand on a lime farm. I also got the chance to work with a non-profit in Australia, helping…

By Linh Hoang | April 29, 2016
ASAE Small Staff Online Conference

Joining ASAE  has been invaluable for our company; specifically, their small staffed community has provided support and possibilities we benefit tremendously from. The opportunities to participate in their conferences, workshops, and to network and engage in this community, centered on modest staff sizes, has been a notable factor to our own growth and achievements. The ASAE small staff focused subset is dedicated to providing small workforce associations the tools to prosper and the insight to combat…

By Mary Glavin | January 14, 2016
Let’s talk at #Tech15!

fusionSpan is excited to be exhibiting at ASAE #Tech15 and we hope to see you there! We would love the opportunity to sit down with you for 30 minutes to hear what IT challenges you are currently facing. If you are interested, you can either make an appointment via the conference site, or just click here to shoot us an email and we will lock down a time for you. Make sure to stop by our booth (#219) during the conference…

By Justin Burniske | December 8, 2015
Shopping Around for the Best Deal

It’s that time of year again: families are gathered, work is closed… Oh, and EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! The question is, when do you get the better deals? For decades, people have been running out the day after Thanksgiving to get all the lowest prices for just about anything you can imagine. Now there’s another way to get great deals without even leaving the comfort of home. Which is best for you depends on what…

By Jessica Sansaet | November 25, 2015
The Quest for an Event Registration System

I thought I had been assigned a simple task – To find an event registration system for a client that has an annual conference. The main goal of this group is to improve end user experience while still being able to incorporate their business requirements. Seemed like a day’s effort to me …. to research potential vendors, document the information, and provide feedback to the client. Little did I know!

By Gayathri Kher | October 20, 2015
PODCAST: Conversation with Mark Ace about Collaboration

We got a chance to talk to Mark Ace, President of Kavi Corporation, about his recent blogpost, “Five Characteristics of High-Performing Teams.” We also discuss the ways different organizations are leveraging their technology in order to accomplish their collaboration goals, as well as some of the issues small staff organizations face with regard to technology that you should try to avoid. You can find the podcast both on as well as on iTunes. Make…

By Justin Burniske | October 15, 2015
Win7 to Win10 Upgrade Breaks Office 2013/365

After having gone through several Win7/8 to Win10 upgrades, we found an anomaly. Users running Windows 7 and Office 2013/365 may face significant problems with their Office Suite after upgrading to Windows 10. This complication seems limited specifically to Windows 7 and Office 2013/365, and does not appear to affect upgrades to Windows 10 from any other version of Windows/Office. If you fall into this category of upgraders, I recommend one of two paths forward:…

By Ojus Wagh | September 28, 2015
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