Software Development

At fusionSpan, we have the system expertise and the business know-how to help you move forward.


Our expertise in custom software development and system integration has been successfully applied to many different healthcare projects. We specialize in building scalable, user friendly and web based solutions based on open source software.

WHY fusionSpan?


Transition of Care

fusionSpan led the development of the TOC notification service platform. We not only leveraged our Mule ESB expertise for this project, but we also contributed several patches, bug fixes and enhancements back to MuleSoft. Notably we implemented custom transport connectors in Mule for HL7 v2 using the HL7 Lower Layer Protocol (LLP).

Patients transition from one provider or healthcare setting to another as the patients’ health care needs require. These transitions trigger Electronic Health Records to generate Admit-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) notifications that identify the patient along with important details that provide insight to an extremely complex set of care decisions being made by care teams, families and the patient.

Transitions of Care (TOC) Notification Service uses HIE message traffic to notify other providers that a care event has happened. The service receives HL7 Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) and other similar messages from hospitals, urgent care, and other senders and uses the patient’s information to try and find a match to providers that are also treating that patient.

Some of the technologies we work with

At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.