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Salesforce is the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is gaining rapid acceptance in the Non-Profit and Association Industry with the emergence of Association Management Systems apps built leveraging the power of the SalesForce platform. The Salesforce Foundation has a non-profit solution as well.

WHY fusionSpan?

There are plenty of companies that specialize in Salesforce. What sets us apart is our experience and understanding of the non-profit and association industry. Our project managers can translate your association’s business needs into technical requirements, and can also explain how technical specifications will benefit your organization.

It’s why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year!


  • fusionSpan is a certified Salesforce Partner
  • Specialized in two of the most popular Salesforce based AMS – Fonteva and NimbleUser
  • We have implemented complete solutions for several large Non-Profit organizations
  • Our focus is always you the client. We work with the vendor to make sure that the implementation goes smoothly.
  • Expertise in Pardot, Marketing cloud and custom App Development


Project Management

We work with your staff and the Vendors implementation team to make sure that all the requirements are being implemented as planned.


There are always items that the AMS vendor will not implement – including custom processes, data imports, integration with your other systems etc. We can be part of the implementation team and tackle those in-house.


A brand new system takes some getting used to. There are initial training issues and some staff members may be seeing the system for the first time or used to doing things with an older system. We are always here to guide them through the adoption.
While the vendor is available for technical issues, our team can act as the first line of defense for any business process issues. We can also triage and report bugs and work with the Vendor to have those fixed and tested.


We have bundled some very useful applications and utilities in an all in one application for Salesforce.

The Association Power Pack (APP) has some very powerful features that are a must have for an association that currently uses Salesforce. Some of the most useful features are

  • Roster Management: Dynamically generated table that works on any Salesforce standard or custom object. Allows for portal users that match custom criteria to perform CRUD operations.
  • Experient Integration: Complete end to end bi-directional integration with the Experient event management system.
  • Template Builder: Drag-and-Drop interface to build custom templates, such as pro forma invoices. Supports configurable fields which dynamically generate values for every record.

Please get in touch for a DEMO of the APP

Salesforce Driven Website

fusionSpan specializes in developing CRM driven websites. With our full service design and web development team, and our deep knowledge of Salesforce, we are able to integrate your association website and Salesforce Community Portal with Single Sign On (SSO) and Uniform Look and feel.

We can also drive content on the public facing website with data from Salesforce.


fusionSpan has been an invaluable partner as BIO has begun implementing both Salesforce and Fonteva AMS. They were there on Day 1 of our AMS vendor selection process and are still with us today. Not only are their developer’s technical skills superior but they are also always looking at the big picture to make sure your organization is following best practices and thinking strategically. Along with Salesforce and Fonteva experience they were also able to help with a major issue we were experiencing with Marketo and integrating it with Salesforce. I highly recommend fusionSpan!

Chris Love

Managing Director of Information Technology at The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

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