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Salesforce is the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its is gaining rapid acceptance in the Non-Profit Industry. fusionSpan has been at the forefront of this trend, and has been working with Salesforce since 2013 and is the leading Salesforce integrator in the association Industry.

WHY fusionSpan?

What sets us apart is our experience and understanding of the non-profit and association industry. Our project managers can translate your association’s business needs into technical requirements, and explain how technical specifications will benefit your organization. We also specialize in integrating Salesforce with other systems popular in the industry.

It’s why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year!

- Accolades -

Some Key Highlights

  • Certified Silver level Salesforce Partner
  • Registered Partner
  • Specialized in two of the most popular Salesforce based AMS – Fonteva and NimbleUser
  • Our focus is always you the client. We work with the vendor to make sure that the implementation goes smoothly.
  • Expertise in Pardot, Marketing cloud, Service Cloud and custom App Development


Projects Completed: 50+

Certified Experts: 30

Services Offered

Project Management

Project Management

We work with your staff and the Vendors implementation team to make sure that all the requirements are being implemented as planned.


There are always items that the AMS vendor will not implement – including custom processes, data imports, integration with your other systems etc. We can be part of the implementation team and tackle those in-house.


A brand new system takes some getting used to. There are initial training issues and some staff members may be seeing the system for the first time or used to doing things with an older system. We are always here to guide them through the adoption.
While the vendor is available for technical issues, our team can act as the first line of defense for any business process issues.
Services covered under support are

  • Your staff has access to our Support portal
  • Guaranteed SLA’s
  • Work with staff on any Salesforce question/issues
  • Triage and report bugs & work with the Vendor to have those fixed and tested.
  • Monthly maintenance and system health report
  • Manage Salesforce and Fonteva/NimbleAMS upgrades

Migration (ETL)

Migration (ETL)

We assist our clients with data migration from their existing AMS/CRM to Salesforce. Our approach is to use an enterprise Extract Transform Load (ETL) process. The ETL tool is one of the components of our fusionConnect IaaS platform.

Using an ETL is beneficial in several ways

  • Its a repeatable process
  • Both systems can be run concurrently till go live and data is consistent across systems
  • Complex transformation rules can be applied before data is loaded into Salesforce
  • Can scale to handle large amounts of data
  • Is a more secure process, as data is not exported/imported into files and put on local workstations.


Implementation & Technology Partner

Leading Implementation partners for Fonteva and NimbleAMS

Awarded Fonteva Implementation Partner of the year in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 at FUNcon

White glove service – where we go above and beyond a typical implementation team



The Membership Power Pack provides Fonteva administrators with high levels of customization when it comes to the subscription renewal process.

Renewal settings have been shifted to the Item, which can be applied to every subscription that includes that Item. Settings include customization of the renewal time frame as well as Account Subscription Visibility and Renewability.

ProForma Invoices that are automatically generated in Fonteva are also now viewable in the customer portal.



We have bundled some very useful applications and utilities in an all in one application for Salesforce.

The Association Power Pack (APP) has some very powerful features that are a must have for an association that currently uses Salesforce. Some of the most useful features are

Roster Management: Dynamically generated table that works on any Salesforce standard or custom object. Allows for portal users that match custom criteria to perform CRUD operations.

Experient Integration: Complete end to end bi-directional integration with the Experient event management system.

Template Builder: Drag-and-Drop interface to build custom templates, such as pro forma invoices. Supports configurable fields which dynamically generate values for every record.

Managed Services

SLA Guarantee

Guaranteed Response Time for Premium and Enterprise Plans

Access to Certified Salesforce Consultants


System Monitoring

Daily Meta Data Back-ups

System Health Check

Monthly Health Report

Best Practice Recommendations

Bug Fixes

Testing Reported Issues

Deployment of Fixes

Vendor Liaison

Tier 1 Support

Upgrade Management

Triage and Escalation of System Issues

Support Portal

24/7 access to our ticket support system

Prioritization of Requests

fusionSpan acts as an extension of your team to deliver white glove service support at every stage of your Salesforce journey. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants will be your first line of defense to train new users, triage and report bugs, and provide monthly system health reports and recommendations.


Perfect for those small enhancements or feature requests.

10 hrs per month

Response SLA – 2 Hours


Guaranteed SLA’s.
Monthly Health Reports.

40 hrs per month



Outsourced DBA.
Dedicated Support team.
Requests are given top priority and sensitivity.

Tailored Plan

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a set of best-in-class platform services that bring advanced AI, Machine learning and Stunning Visuals into the Salesforce platform.

Einstein Analytics

Easily create datasets for your analytic needs: Einstein Analytics allows us to bring in multiple Salesforce Objects or upload datasets for their analytic needs within Salesforce. The app contains built-in ETL functions that allows for joining and cleaning of datasets from various sources.

Build dashboards to visualize your data:

Dashboards can be designed based on user preference and also includes robust geospatial features that allows for straightforward viewing of location data. Dashboards can be deployed and be pinned within any salesforce app for easy access and viewing.

Use Einstein Story Feature to find hidden relationships within your datasets:

Einstein Stories allows users to utilize AI to find relations between datasets. Patterns identified within Einstein Stories can be documented as a strategy guide and pinned as a displayable widget on Salesforce’s front end interface.

Utilize data science to predict membership outcome

Einstein’s prediction builder can be used to predict member behavior. This information can be leveraged to increase member engagement and retention. The Data Science model can be used to identify high value or at risk memberships, allowing for targeted engagement journeys.

Einstein Bots

  • 24/7 Customer service: Bots can instantly welcome members with a branded greeting in a chat window and direct them to online resources they need without human intervention.
  • Reduce customer wait time: Einstein bots can address your members concerns and questions while they wait for a live support agent. Information gathered during the bot session can be transferred swiftly to a live agent, ensuring a smooth transition between the Einstein bot and your live customer support.
  • Reduce customer support load: Your customer support can focus on more complex issues while the Einstein bot can tackle simple questions and transfer over the more difficult ones.
  • Unified look and feel: Customize the appearance of the chat window, color scheme, and all other visual aspects to match your associations styling.
  • Tailored customer service: Because the Einstein bot is connected to Salesforce CRM, it can understand who it’s talking to and build informative conversations and context. With Natural Language technologies, bots can learn how to respond to members.
  • Increase sales: Einstein bots can notify your members of upcoming events, expiring memberships, or products they may be interested in.
At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.