netFORUM Pro

We offer a set of NetForum Integrations that make it almost seamless for your users to work with the CMS and NetForum AMS

Abila is one of the top association vendors in the industry. Their products, netFORUM Pro and netFORUM Enterprise represent two of the most widely used association management systems (AMS). With over 15 years in the industry, both netFORUM tools offer a rich feature set for associations.

As partners, fusionSpan is intimately aware of both systems, knowledge we would love to impart onto you! Our partnership with Abila enables us to stay up-to-date on the latest product features. That knowledge, combined with our business prowess, helps you get the most out of this system.


While eWeb has a lot of built-in functionality, it offers limited workflow customization options and is not responsive. Most organizations have a public facing website that serves some of their members’ needs but will send them over to eWeb for certain activities. Because eWeb cannot exactly match the aesthetics of their general website, this can confuse members and hurt the overall feel of the website.

Instead, organizations can leverage their website to integrate with netFORUM Pro and provide their members with a better user experience. One thing to note is that for all e-commerce related activities, you will still need to continue to use eWeb. While this integration is possible with any website, one popular platform we would recommend organizations consider WordPress or Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

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Looking for a helping hand to get you up and running in your new AMS? We’ll configure the system, import your data and make sure you’re going full speed when you go live.


Have you been using your database for a while but don’t feel that you’re getting the most out of the system? We’ll help review your current system and processes to provide strategic feedback and ensure that you’re using it to its potential.


The support team is great – we talk with them all the time! But sometimes you want support that knows about everything you’re doing, both inside and outside of your database. We’ll get you set-up on a competitively priced support plan to ensure your ongoing success.


Staff turnover happens and sometimes even the people who have been using your database for years could use a refresher. We’ll devise a training strategy for your staff on a schedule that works for you to improve the overall experience for your staff.


Having to complete duplicate data entry in multiple systems? fusionSpan can integrate your database with your website, your eMarketing system or another tool using the system’s API. We’ve even built an app that gives you and your members access to member information right out of your database onto their mobile devices.

Fixing your data

Have important data outside your database or even worse, bad data in your database? We’ll work with you to get things tidied up!


With a single look and feel, the netFORUM eWeb can be customized to look like and follow the branding of your main website. This improves the user experience and also makes netFORUM eWeb seem like just another part of your online presence.

While netFORUM eWeb has limits on the customizations that can be done. We have done this for over a dozen organizations and have achieved great results. Get in touch and we can start a conversation!

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