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Client Testimonials

“fusionSpan provided us the technical and creative support we needed throughout our website project. I was thoroughly impressed with their customer service and timeliness throughout the course of the project. As a result, we have a website that is attractive, easy to navigate, and can serve as the core for all of the knowledge we disseminate to our members and customers.”

Jessica Dominguez

Director of Membership & Communications

We presented fusionSpan the difficult task of migrating our site to a new CMS as well as integrating our existing AMS, netFORUM. Our staff was very impressed by the knowledge and capabilities fusionSpan possessed. Manav, Linh and the development team were very professional and efficient in determining our needs then delivering. It was a relief being able to rely on the fusionSpan team for our website redevelopment. We look forward to a successful partnership with them in the future.

Dustin Dennison

Information Technology Administrator

fusionSpan has been an invaluable partner to ULI. They brought the technical expertise to address our AMS development and integration needs, while their business knowledge of associations has ensured we are taking a strategic approach to technology. fusionSpan seamlessly integrated with our team and ultimately enabled us to meet our aggressive timelines. We would highly recommend fusionSpan and we look forward to continuing partnership with their organization.

Adam Smolyar

Chief Marketing and Membership Officer

TABS has been eager to launch Fonteva for Associations, and the time is here. On the admin side, we’re already seeing vastly improved business processes and internal efficiencies. And for our membership, we anticipate a smoother experience as our many resources are utilized – from conference registrations to research reports, membership information and current staff lists

Annie Lundahl

Vice President

In 2016 we selected fusionSpan to design and develop the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) website because they took time to understand our needs and provide solutions that met our requests. Since then, they have become a valuable resource for our Team as they support our regular updates, respond to our support needs quickly and efficiently, and proactively work for us to identify opportunities to grow our web presence. We especially appreciate their feedback associated with important metrics and recommendations that boost our visibility to members and potential members. I highly recommend the fusionSpan team to anyone looking for a business partner that will help elevate their web presence and grow their on-line visibility. They regularly exceed our expectations.

Joel G. Carson

Executive Director

Our newly redesigned website not only unveiled our refreshed powerful and vibrant brand identity but also serves as an essential resource for members and leaders to access content that helps them do their job better! fusionSpan’s partnership was invaluable as they walked us through our website strategy from the navigation to the user experience. They were able to capture our vision and goals and aligned that with best practices and simple web solution our small team can easily navigate through. We are glad to have embarked on this partnership with them!

Anna Silveria

Marketing and Technology Manager

We contracted fusionSpan to help us implement Nimble AMS at our association. That decision proved to be a good one!

Their experience with a variety of AMS software was helpful as we worked our way through the design and implementation process. It was also helpful to have the perspective of a third party- as opposed to company employees who often have a limited viewpoint.

Rex Brown

fusionSpan has been an invaluable partner as BIO has begun implementing both Salesforce and Fonteva AMS. They were there on Day 1 of our AMS vendor selection process and are still with us today. Not only are their developer’s technical skills superior but they are also always looking at the big picture to make sure your organization is following best practices and thinking strategically. Along with Salesforce and Fonteva experience they were also able to help with a major issue we were experiencing with Marketo and integrating it with Salesforce. I highly recommend fusionSpan!

Chris Love

Managing Director Information Technology

fusionSpan and their team are wonderful. They assisted us with an issue that was preventing us from going live with netFORUM. Was it not for the help we received in such a timely manner we would not have met our scheduled “go live” date.

Robin Donley

IT/IM Specialist

It was a pleasure to work with fusionSpan because of their attention to detail and high level of customer service. They focused on streamlining our procedures with netForum, maintaining our website and transitioning our server from an in-house server to a cloud based system.

Illyce MacDonald

Member Services Manager

We were faced with a new AMS and a new CMS at the same time and had literally no idea what our integration needs were much less what to include in an RFP on the matter. After a lot of fingernail biting and hair pulling, we found fusionSpan. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without fusionSpan.

Cynthia Stickles

Membership Director

fusionSpan delivered a cutting-edge, modern website design that added much needed polish to our overall branding. From complete integration with our AMS to the quality layout and ease of use have impressed our members and complemented their professional focus. Flexibility, responsiveness and quality are the hallmarks of fusionSpan. Step one for any association looking to enhance their digital footprint is to contact fusionSpan.

Dan LaBert

Executive Director

fusionSpan listened to our needs and responded with excellent ideas and best practices. Beyond that, they knew our business and they shared their experiences, suggesting dozens of ideas, innovations, and processes that we had not even considered.


Rob Gerth

Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement

We have worked with fusionSpan from concept of our website through launch. We now work with them for servicing and technical support. Their operations are flawless, staff are talented, and provide excellent overall customer service. NAACCR feels like we have a real partner looking out for us!

Charlie Blackburn, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

fusionSpan helped us succeed in our new AMS implementation. We re-engaged their services when we hit a post conversion snafu and they successfully guided us to a workable solution. We could not have been successful without their help.

Susan Bertrand

Deputy Executive Director / COO

fusionSpan modified the NetForum System to our needs. The team is very thorough and detail oriented helping us to better understand our needs and how to streamline many of our CRM and association management processes. A true joy to work with!

Karen Headley

National Development Director

fusionSpan was hired to be our NetForum expert. They exceeded expectations and have time-after-time provided superior results. I highly recommend fusionSpan!

Rachael Hodgen

Director of Events

Wow, wow, wow! fusionSpan is amazing..the actual work is outstanding. A complete joy to work with and everything is done on time, on budget, and looks fantastic. My very highest recommendation!

Tara Bishop, CAE

Deputy Chief Executive

My web site upgrade was a major project that involved a lot of attention to detail. All of my ideas and requests were met with positive communication and results. And many ideas I didn’t know I should have were thought through and developed by fusionSpan, making the development of my web site a very thorough and productive process. I highly recommend fusionSpan for all web site projects, both small and large.

Cyndi Ingle


fusionSpan contributed their deep knowledge of the Avectra software to our team while at the same time quickly learning the specific requirements of our organization. Technical skills and enthusiasm to get the job done helped pave the way to the successful outcome of the projects they were engaged to complete.

Molly Gilmore

Database Consultant

We hired fusionSpan to assist us with Avectra’s NetForum, their excellent judgment and extensive knowledge of website architecture, APIs and the myriad of other tech issues that arise has made them an indispensable partner on all things technology-related.

Barbara Andelman

Executive Director

fusionSpan is likely the best business decision I have ever made!  Their team helped us navigate the difficult process of redesigning our CMS and integrating it with our new AMS all within our time frame and budget. From day one when they picked up the phone, they have become an integral part of our team.

Debbie Roepe

Executive Director

The plugin did exactly what was needed. The login form checked the user against the NetForum Pro Database and created an ssoToken for use. I also was able to contact the developer to receive the Security Groups plugin which handles additional security (Like adding members to groups for additional sections of the wordpress site).

Chris (From Wordpress.org)

At fusionSpan, Bridging Gaps Through Technology isn’t just a tagline – it describes what we believe our clients can accomplish with a little additional support.